Balance suggestions (Teutons, Indians, Turks, Spanish, Incas, Saracens)

Paladins taking two dmg from FU arbs? No, simply no.

Also, Incas would be blatantly OP after this…10% faster resource gathering and 25% cheaper eagles? No way

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Would still be a meme. Especially since you don’t want to lose the siege tower at all, and that TK still come too late and are still too slow for this to be any serious.

Trust me, I tried this strategy many times before and siege towers always, always, are destroyed in the end. In the current patch using rams is better.
I like this bonus because garrisoned siege towers have a speed of 1.3. If I’m going to lose it anyway, I’d like some of my gold back ^^

Just noticed you updated your thread and increased the amount. But I still think 33% is better.

I like this new incas a lot too.
Their farm bonus makes sense according to their history? Yes. But I feel like it’s a small nerf. You are going to save 25 wood regardless if it’s through 10 pop houses or farms. Imo saving in feudal age~onwards feels like a nerf… in the current patch you can save from the start. I know it was intentional to balance the other bonus but…

Indeed. Only +10% faster and his inca build will be perfect.

Well first siege towers are just so niche (if not outright bad), if you wait to have a castle to use them then the enemy will have too much units to destroy them. Which explains why you keep losing them. Second even if you get 33% of the gold cost of your siege tower back it would still be more expensive than a ram ot two petards, both are better options by the time you have a castle. Lastly if you insist on going TK+siege towers at least take ironclad, which give your siege towers +4 melee armour so that they have 2 melee armour instead of -2. It’s much better than a gold refund to help them.

As a Teuton main I sincerely pass judgement - No.

The only thing I mildly agree with is changing the +2 melee armor bonus - but do not remove the effect from the barracks. I would rather the stable portion be removed in favor of adding more towards barracks units than for it to only effect stables.
That being said having it effect both barracks and stable units and being +1/1 defense in total would be better in my opinion.

That also being said - it would be better to leave things as is and simply add the first scout upgrade which increases their strength against archers just enough while slowing down the cav due to the upgrade as payment.

And definitely no to removing free crenellations and herbal medicine in exchange for anything. These are very useful.

As a rival of the Turks - also no. Their +1 pierce armor is much better than your suggestion.

As a secondary main in Inca - %#%* no. Just no.

They only need basic changes if any. They’re not badly designed and are a wonderful civ to use.

The only things I would change personally would be these into slightly different buffs

Team Bonus: Farms and Mill Techs built and researched 100% faster

The special tech adding armor to kamayuks, slingers and eagles should keep its current bonuses but add on its previous speed bonus for the sake of their eagles.(+10% movement speed, +1/2 armor)

As for those calling for their Villagers being affected by blacksmith upgrades starting in castle - I dislike this.
It would be better to keep it the same - starting in Feudal - where it’s most useful. If it’s to be moved, buff it. For instance

Villagers affected by Infantry upgrades starting in Castle Age and gain +1/1 or 2/2 armor

To note, this was in reply to the first post.

All this time, I’ve been posting with the assumption ironclad was researched xd. Siege towers will drop TK and get destroyed on the trip back regardless of armor because they become slow again and are like paper. It’s always like that. 33% gold means I’ll get 52 gold back and just that alone would make TK-ST viable. Their speed can reach 1.3. That’s like a horse from the steppe map or an eagle without squires. Pretty much would solve the TK problem of being slow.

Losing free crenellations and herbal medicine for that tho - it’s too much.

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I hate all of these changes. I am a bit impressed that in such a long list of changes, you didn’t slip in a single one that I like.

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Yeah 8 pierce armor paladins is busted.

Not crenelations. Murder holes

now that would be quite an interesting bonus :smiley: taking castle drops to a new level :smiley:

Lmao - my naming of techs is getting confuzzled

How about 8 pierce armor cavaliers if palladin was removed?

why the heck do you think its fair to have 8 pierce armor fast moving units? even cavalier would take 70 shots to down at 8 PA.

Thats fine. It only allows them to resist 6 more arrows than Franks

except its easier to tech too, and they resist conversion easier.

Not as a civ bonus ofc. Anyway I would rather have Burgundian paladins over slow cavaliers that do slightly better than palas against arrows

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so how would it be done then? which unique tech gets replaced?

Teuton Cavaliers who somehow get +2 PA and take 70 shots to kill. cost 300 food and 300 gold total for the tech. they also resist conversion.

Burgundian Paladins - total cost is 600 food and 375 gold (just for paladin, not including cavalier upgrade), takes 54 shots to kill (over 20% less arrows), more likely to be converted.

I dont want this for Teutons and never for free but honestly I still would rather have knight that kill and get to archers faster and deal with everything but monks better even if a bit more pricey

how about 7 pierce armor?

you act as if teuton knights are insanely slow and never reach archers. that’s not the case.