Balance TKs, Shotels, Karambits, Jags, Lancers, Longswords, Missionaries, HCs, Gbetos, EAs, Ballista Eles, WEs, GCs, Condos, Genitours, Orjan Guns, Mamelukes, Turtles and Siege Towers NOW!

Why haven’t the devs balanced the following units yet?


1. TKs
2. Shotels
3. Jags
4. Karambits
5. Missionaries
6. Flaming camels
7. Gbetos
8. HCs
9. Orjan Guns
10. Genitours
11. Ballista Elephants
12. War Elephants
13. Elephant Archers
14. Steppe Lancers
15. Condottieros
16. Genoese Crossbows
17. Siege Towers
18. Turtle Ships
19. Mamelukes
20. Cataphracts
21. Longswordsmen



Because nothing you mentioned is breaking the game (to be fair, Siege Tower crashing the game are^^).
They’re all just “nice to have” improvements.

Also civs in general are in a pretty good state balancing wise (not perfect, but good). So making specific units useable is even less important.

I think it’s the right choice to focus on more crucial things like matchmaking.


And you say this is not affecting the game??!!!??


I have already disgussed most of them. But:
Jag: good design but Infantry is ■■■■ overall so they are ■■■■ as well
Flaming Camels: more damage against Buildings and cavalry
Hand Cannoneer: +15 hitpoints
Steppe Lancers: - 10G, resist to conversion, -0.2 RoF
Siege Towers: Honestly remove their gold cost

This would be the beginning

Koreans, Italians, Portuguese and Turks deserve a buff! Non used Unique Units (high upgrade cost, cost, weak stats, too situational) deserve a buff. Non used Genereal Units deserve a buff.


Completely agree. Balancing is in a good state and currently there are more important things than balancing the units the poster cane up with.


Like what? huh?
Like Monthly new profile icons?
Like Mappool changes, that we already got?
Like Matchmaking changes that we already got?
Like Pathing which has never been solved?
Like Monthly new UI Mods no one cares about?

What exactly is balancing these 21 units impeding in the development of the game?

For god’s sake, THESE ARE 21 ENTIRE GODDAMM UNIT-LINES that affect each and every civilization and the balance of every game played

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Because atm the balance of the game is fine and there are also other things that need attention.
For example, how can you balance melee units if pathfinding is broken? Right now in 1v1 almost every time there’s no point in going for cavalry because the pathfinding doesn’t let you take proper engages.

Also, you should stop asking for buff to units without considering how it would influence the balance of the game. War elephant is not that common, but do the persians really need a buff?
Jaguar warriors have a niche and ofc are not seen in every game, but do the aztecs really need a buff?
Not every unit has to be seen every game, not every unit has to be viable in every match-up and situation.


I forgot Longswords the most useless upgrade of the very situational Militia line. At least they need +1 damage and +2 against Eagles. The situation of Champion is sad too because they can do 2 things: kill Goths and Eagles. (4 civ overall) Devs should make new American civilizations with Eagle Warriors

Thats the reason I want to see a general Infantry buff instead of a Jag buff


A lot of them will be better once pathing is (hopefully) improved
A lot of them are UU’s, which only matter is their civ is in play
A lot of them are niche units anyway.
I’m not saying they don’t need attention, but it’s not even close to being as important as you make it to be.

This was never in a good state and the upcoming update is going to improve that by a lot (still not perfect, but biggest step in the right direction we had so far). This is so much more important than balancing the units you mentioned (if they all need balancing is up to debate as well btw.)

Yes, this one A LOT more important than everything you mentioned…btw. it would probably also fix half of the things you mentioned…

Nope, it doesn’t and swearing and CAPSLOCK doesn’t change that.
Most civ’s are in a good state. Making some niche units more viable is nice to have, but not urgent.

What you dont seem to get is that unit balance is not that important as long as civ balance is fine.
Also changing unit balance while civ balance is fine might make civ balance worse.
So I think it’s good to look at unit balance once the other things are settled.


Elephants are viable if you have 160 villagers: 100 on food, 40 on gold and 20 on food. Haha
Btw Persians are mid tier after the Dark Age nerf.

I disagree here because they will be the same. Useless.

First of all, if you want people to discuss just stop acting like an entitled ■■■■■ in every single thread.

Unit balance is linked with civ balance. If you buff a unique unit you buff a civ and thus you change the balance of the civs as well. You can’t change the balance of a unit without having a repercussion on civ balance, that’s simply how it is and you should stop acting like it won’t have any effect.
I agree that certain units are underused, but not every single unit has to be viable in every single match up and situation. There’s no point in “making viable” units that are already viable in a niche. Even though some of them need a rework, not every single unit you wrote there needs a buff and not every single civ needs a buff because of that


But that issue is already resolved
WE GOT THOSE THINGS. So now we gotta focus on what we didnt get… ALL THESE YEARS


There are several problems with the original post.

  1. You are acting like this was the most important issue in the game while more than 90% of those units are actually useful in certain situations. A unit made for countering gunpowder shouldn’t do anything other well, just like the skirmishers against anything other than archers.

  2. You are making zero reasoning.

  3. You want all of these units balanced at the same time which is waaaayy too much. I don’t have a conservative mindset for balancing but this is just too much. How do you know how each balance change would affect the other and if one balance change becomes live, is the other really needed? For example if you buff longswordsmen then jaguars won’t necessary need a buff, if you buff HC condottiero neither, etc, etc… You can’t just make a tousand change a the same time! I’m certain that if that the devs will make all the changes you want (even though I don’t know it) the game would actually become worse in a balance perspective. I mean many units you suggest indeed need a change but definitely not at the same time. You make zero deliberation about each balance change’s consequences, you only look at how often each unit is used.


NO. Stop trying to impose your presumptions on me.
UNIT BALANCING is just as important as civ balancing.

And the former has been ignored all this while!

You say that because you are biased and cannot see the clear reasoning i presented there in that quote.

Yes, not all of them need buffs. Genitours are fine imo.
Why do Unique Units exist? To be a decoration or what?


He says while he tries to impose his presumptions on every other person omegalul


What is the clear reasoning?

This is wrong though, unit balance is just as important as civ balance, since the point of balancing is to make the game more diverse and offer more strategies.

That balancing these 21 ENTIRE GODDAMM UNIT-LINES that affect each and every civilization and the balance of every game played IS FAR, FAR more important than

  • Monthly new profile icons?
  • Mappool changes, that have ALREADY BEEN ASSURED
  • Matchmaking changes, where also wishes have been GRANTED
  • Pathing which is a faaar more complex mathematical and GameDev problem, and a resolution should not be expected soon, if you have any idea of Topology, Geometry or Mathematics.
  • Monthly new UI Mods that no one gives a DAMM about

UNIT BALANCING is just as important as civ balancing.

If you make a unused unit viable, you CANNOT make the civ it belongs to “OP”, because you only added a NON-META strategy to that civilization.


I mean the reason for each unit to get a change, not the reason for why it is important. If the game would be as unbalanced as you say then I would maybe agree with you but that’s definitely not the case, since most of those units are pretty balanced (balanced doesn’t equal the amount of time they are used).

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