Balance's suggestions for the next patch


  • Militia line food cost reduced from 60 to 50.
  • Supplies reduce food cost by 10, so the Militia line will cost 40 food.
  • Man at arms, longswords, two handed swordsman and Champion upgrades time reduced 15s for each.
  • Longswords, Two handed swordsman and Champion receive +2 bonus attack vs Huskarl.
  • Eagles food cost increased to 30 (was 20).
  • Steppe lancer gold cost reduced from 40 to 35, food cost reduced from 70 to 65.
  • Cavalry archers training time reduced to 30s (was 34).
  • Slavs civ name changed to Rus .
  • Indians civ name changed to Delhi sultanate .



  • Eco upgrades food cost less by 25% dark, 35% feudal, 45% castle.
  • Relics food ratio generating reduced to 15/min (was 30). I actually prefer to remove this bonus completely from the game.


  • Each garrisoned relic give +1 attack (3 Max) was (4).
  • No more access to thumb ring.


  • Boyars gold cost reduced to 70 (was 80).
  • Siege bonus discount now include trebs.


  • Researching eco upgrades give +50% gold of food cost.
    Example: double bit axe cost 100f, 50w, if you research it you will get 50gold (50% of food cost).


  • Madrasah UT changed to "Zakat " UT which gives: all gold units return 25% or 30% of their gold cost when they die.

  • Mameluke :

    • gold cost reduced from 85 to 70.
    • training time reduced from 25s to16s.
    • Archer armor class removed from Mamelukes.
  • Receive Cavalier upgrade.


  • Maghrebi regenerating 20% (was 15%) or reduce it’s cost.


  • Walls, Towers and Castles build 50% faster.
  • Towers have 5% more hp.
  • Siege units receive 20% bonus less wood
  • War Wagons bonus attack vs buildings reduced from +5 to +3
  • War Wagons hp reduced by 30hp.
  • War wagon rate of fire reduced to 2.2 (was 2.5)
  • War Wagon attack delay reducer to 0.9.
  • Only first archers armor upgrade is free.


  • Start with 50 pop cap.
  • No more get instant loom.
  • Barracks cost -25% wood.
  • Receive Plate Barding Armor.


  • Nomad: open the pop room to 150 or max.
  • Mangudai bonus vs siege reduced from +3 to +2, and from +5 to +3 (Elite).


You will find this weird but Fetoria is broken and need a nerf, just nerf it’s work rate.

  • Now access to 2nd archer armor upgrade.
  • Elite Arambai get +2 attack.


  • Paper money cost now only 300 wood and give 600 gold. OR gold generate for free at the same rate of getting 3 relics.


  • TC build time reduced by 20 or 25s.

  • Recive Bracer.

  • Kipchak rate of fire reduced to 1.9 (was 2.2).

  • Stable units 5% faster in feudal, +10% faster in castle age which means their Stable’s units get their full speed (15% speed) in castle age, not 5% each age.

  • Recive heavy camel upgrade.

  • Cuman Mercenary UT
    This UT need to be removed completely and give them something better.


  • Each farm upgrade give +2 carry capacity.
  • Team bonus changed to: Farm upgrades instantly add food to farms.


  • Every Monastery upgrade give monks +3hp (was +5).
  • Team bonus changed to: Relics generate more 25% gold (was 33%).


  • Their new castle UT must be completely changed because it is broken ( I am not kidding).
  • Eldorado: now give eagles +25 hp (was 40).


  • Chu ku nu gold cost increased by 10 or 5gold.
  • No more access to heavy camel upgrade.

P.S. I made many changes on the topic after many discussions about the balances, many things were removed/added to it and make it different from the first one and from many comments on the topic.


I have things disagree with but this is the best proposal I have ever seen in this forum.

I think these are unneccessary

Remove this completely

Too big nerf

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Indians name change is bad, just bad


Ok I got rebuked by proposing 2 scouts at start but this is fine? All gold units are 25% cheaper?


I guess the name Mughals would be better than the Delhi Sultanate.

I would prefer to change the name of the Korean War Wagon to Dongwu Che, or simply Korean Chariot.

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Neither of them would be great. Mughals are Post-Medieval, Delhi Sultanate was a big Empire, not people and civilizations are named after different people: Rajputs would be a great name imo.

Historical accuracy is good, but War Wagons are completely OP at the moment.


first of all 2 scouts at start means that dark age just became a nightmare for the other civ, and second of all, its not 25% cheaper. its a gold return on death - which means you still pay full price. units have to actually DIE to get any value out of it.

to the op, i highly doubt your name changes go through and i’m still not convinced Burgundians need a nerf to their Eco already. you can’t possibly say its imbalanced after only one week.

as for your saracens changes - too big a buff to the mameluke - how would you even counter the unit?

not sure Aztecs need to be nerfed again, and i think you overnerf Mayan eagles.


edit: @Equalizer938341
…You are yet another guy suggesting balance changes in this forum, while not playing the game at all (at a proper level)…


They are currently strong but let them to settle and see how to manage them.

Mames and Madrasah needs changes yes but the cav archer bonus is just a copy of the cuman bonus, not original.

Don’t touch the effect but I would rather reduce the cost.

Pfff good luck trying to deny the OP Daut Castles in Arena and OP trushes, War Wagons just need the base attack and bonus vs buildings reduced not more. And DON’T TOUCH TH FREE ARCHER ARMOR.

That’s too much.

Very random bonuses,.

Mangudai is fine.

Feitoria is fine.

WTF Arambai needs more nerfs no buffs.


Most of the bonusea deny the identity of the civ

Mayans without Siege Rams are trash. How are they gonna take down buildings?

Kipchaks being less range less gold Cav Archers is their identity - Quantity over quality

Burmese missing 2nd archer armor is the identity


People have been suggesting Plate barding armour for a long time now, and it makes sense from a balancing and historical sense. The free house space also isn’t out to lunch since the Goths historically moved en masse (Berber vil movement speed would also be a good one but is taken) so I’d rather have even +20 pop room right at the start than the +10 in post-imp.

Likewise the instant Loom is nearly useless and a joke.

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I play the game and I am 16xx elo yeah not that much, but this doesn’t mean I can’t know what need a nerf/buff. Now go and cry


Aztecs monks are sick and they need a nerf. About Mayans they have tons of bonuses and advantages they really need a nerf. Mameluke maybe I gave them too much but lets start with the cost and TT.

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Burmese the most civ that need a buff


It is not 25% cheaper, it is a return when they die, and yes Indians civ name need a change.


Noooo, give it a permament effect instead! Lets get rid of one use techs!


I agree with you, so what do you suggest?

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How about Zakat: camels return 33% gold when they die.
Or Aqidah: camels gain +3 bonus vs archers.


Oh god no.

How about getting +20 pop in the imperial age, instead of 10.

I like this, but in that case arambai should have -1/0 base armor.


Their problem is only in feudal and early castle age. I’d reduce exclusively the cost of the second TC in feudal to make it 30% cheaper or something. Tbh I don’t know how to fix their second TC but it needs to be addressed.

This could work.
But I’d remove the blacksmith bonus and replace it with barrack techs are 30~40% cheaper.
Or free eagle upgrades.

They don’t need a nerf at all.

Increase it only to +5 gold.



No, because camels already cheap and they are already strong with Saracens, 25% return gold for all is better.

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Why tho? They are slow motion

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