Ballista is overpowered

what a ridiculous unit. Mass them and nothing can get close.

A single shot from a siege onagers can wipe out tons of them. Bombard canons out range them.

Woad Raiders, Eagle Warriors, Huskarls (can tank them pretty well), and cavalry close on them pretty fast.


Your issue is letting the Khmer player getting a mass. Hit the Khmer player before they can mass their unit. In 1v1 the unit is pretty much too expensive to mass. And in team games it is really something for the late game only to mass this unit and also even on closed maps, because they are really slow.

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Use Rams against them. Ballista Elephants count as Siege units, while Rams are almost impervious to their Pierce Damage, and have Bonus Damage against Siege units.


Onagers, rams, bombard cannons kill them with ease.
And if they mass 30+ Ballista Elephants I’d say you should be able to field at least 10/20 bombards/onagers/rams. This assuming you couldn’t hit the Khmer player before imperial age due to limitations like walls on BF or Arena.

I’d be way more scared to face 30/40 Khmer elite battle elephants honestly.


If this is TG you are talking about and let’s say you are on oasis or BF the side against the scorps can just make castles fortifications and send all or most their army to other side and sweep through the entire team easy. Even if you or a teamate or two loses their bases you can always kill faster the other side having a 4v2 or4v3 army situation on the other side. It will take the scorps much longer to destroy a base. At a high level these units don’t work too many weaknesses like clunkiness lack of mobility

Ballista Elephants are underpowered.


Not really. They are OK, better than most UUs, to be honest.
But like most other UUs, it is overshadowed by a common unit, in it’s case, the Scorpion.

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TBH The time of the famous Khmer Deathball is over. I think the Koreans now claim that spot.

And Ballista eles don’t make any sense outside that deathball. Maybe currently one of the worst UUs in the game.

And Khmer also don’t need it. They have their hussar spam to close games. And it doesn’t even cost gold.

Every unit is overpowered as long as you do not know how to deal with them.


Getting back on topic, Ballista Elephants are really strong but they’re not overpowered I would put them in A-tier if we were making a tier list of UUs.

damn these kids here are all hella ridiculous. “counter siege wiht siege”
Thx for admitting siege weapons are overpowered.
Case closed.

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Lol thx for admitting your incompetence
Use cavalry lol


he never said elephant ballista, but ok… I guess most poeple here are novice to the RTS world,.

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I think he means scorpions I could be wrong tho. In a lot of other strategy games ballista and in history too means a scorpion like siege weapon

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Scorpions are even easier to take out than ballista elephants, they’re clunkier and slower, and they have minimum range.

An onager (the regular one, not the siege version) shot decimates scorpions, ballista elephants need more.

20 onagers win vs 40 heavy scorpions easily, provided they have siege engineers if the enemy is Khmer or with a Khmer ally.

Siege Onagers completely destroy scorpions.


They’re considered to be the 2nd worst unique unit. You just don’t know how to deal with them. That’s not the same as them being overpowered.

There is only the Ballista Elephant with the name “Ballista” anywhere in the unit.
The Scorpion is a different unit, and has WAY more counters, like Mangonels and Scouts.

In fact, almost no one builds Scorpions, because they are too easy to counter, for their price tag, and are only efficient against Mass Infantry.


besides, he said case close. So nobody needs to comment anymore. He has been proven right.

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No he was not, and saying “Case Closed” does not really close any actual argument.