Barracks improvements

you know what would be nice to have, a shop for hotkeys, i use the keyboard a lot no more using numbers that are used only for the army, with all civilizations i don’t need to have control groups in prelates or imperial office, etc and many many many others, for any type of ping construction etc, taking all this away I would like to be able to put personalized hotkeys, so as to be able to help other players, however for those who come from aoe2 there is an option that it allows you to delete a selection grid, and literally select any key for anything, the only things missing are keys for individual units like select all cavalry on screen etc, or if you click ctrl you select villagers or just villagers military, there is already a post on the forum for this, another would be to be able to disable the buildings from the hotkeys, I’ll give you an example, an icon with a stop, which allows you not to select those buildings when you click the hotkey button without being forced to create control groups, can; happen when we have a barracks in the front of the enemy and we don’t want to use it or when we have a port in a position where it will never be attacked so we don’t want to produce military ships from it.

I made these simple photomontages for you to understand better

Another nice thing I’ve read is the addition of an upgrade that allows you to create more units at the barracks, perhaps it would be useful to add it in 3rd era, with the cost instead of gold wood, such as 80 gold, or more to make it useful not too expensive because of the loss of the barracks after the destruction, but not too cheap, instead of making it 150 wood which would only be useful for space, you could use gold, for make it different, since gold is more valuable, but it would increase the speed of a person who is using a market to push or defend, another thing, it would be useful to have it for low wood maps, so to allow the player not to be forced
to cut too much wood, and to make more siege engines.

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I have requested it