Basil II, Byzantine Campaign, Age of Empire II

This is a campaign of Emperor Basil the II the Bulgarslayer or Purpleborn that I am currently working on. It will be a custom scenario with 5 missions and I want to see what are the opinions about it so don’t hesitate to tell me what you think. We are playing as Byzantines
Here is the link to the video where I test it:

I hope it is allowed to post YouTube links and don’t violate any rules. Anyway, tell me what you think, any feedback is welcome. :slight_smile:


Looks promising, I’ll play it once it’s available! Is it your first campaign? If I ever had to make a second byzantine campaign Basil would be my choice too.

I didn’t use AI script myself till now since you can almost do that with only triggers. However you can’t make units attack newly built walls and do other little things so I’m gonna implement a minimal bit of it from now on.

Have you ever tried my byzantine campaign? It’s called “Constantinople - the end of the ancient world”.

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Hi thanks for the answer. No I haven’t played the campaign you said but I will look for it. The second campaign of Basil would be at Constantinople too(Varangians too :slight_smile: )and I have it almost finished.
Triggers are limiting indeed as you noticed too, but for now they work. They are bugged sometimes but most of them work.
Yes it is my first campaign ever so I have many things to learn. I will try my best :slight_smile:
I appreciate the feedback! Part 2 coming soon!

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If this truly is your first campaign, let me say that it looks pretty good! The map looks very nice. I would suggest making sure that the objectives are displayed on the right-hand pannel. As I am sure you can imagine, some players might not know what you are meant to do to win.

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You are totally right but I still don’t know how to add the objectives and make them work properly. Plus I don’t know how to add the intro/history videos. But I will try to learn.
And yes it’s my first campaign, part 2 is more interesting, I have more triggers/objectives as the playthrough progresses.
I wouldn’t post it on YouTube, I would prefer it to be available for playing but as you noticed there are things to fix first.
Thanks for the feedback!

Ok so to display objectives it’s pretty simple. You just need to add the description to the trigger and set it to “yes”. the ‘+’ at the beginning adds a golden checkmark. You can add a ‘-’ instead for a silver circle which usually denotes secondary objectives. Example

As for intro and outro slides, that’s a little trickier, and isn’t done using the scenario editor. I suggest watching Alkhalim’s tutorial on that, as well as looking into other custom campaign files to see how they did it.

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You are the opposite of me. I try to use AI the most and keep the use of triggers just for stuff you can’t use AI, like Objectives, modifying units and researching techs

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It’s definitely the most efficient way, indeed I’m using a “minimal AI” for my next campaign just for the obvious tasks. I guess I’m just stuck in my ways lol.
My last scenario had 700+ triggers just because I had to control every movement of enemy units… (I tried using AI but I didn’t know how to teach it very specific instructions)

You should seriously consider using DUC

In the time you took adding all those triggers to all of your scenarios, you could have learnt how AI works,


Oh yes sometimes I consult that, I’m still in the process of learning however but I think now I’ve got the basics like collecting resources, attacking etc. at least, thanks also to basedteuton’s help.

The fact is my scenarios are pretty scripted so it’s hard to make a basic AI work, with triggers you can be more meticulous even if yes it’s a chore… When I will learn more advanced commands maybe I will be able to totally scrap triggers for AI.

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Ok, I will have to try it right away this one, thank you BASEDTeuton, much appreciated!

Same here, I wish devs paid more attention to trigger development and made it easier for us.


Hi guys, part 2 is out of the first mission of Basil the II, waiting for reviews :slight_smile:
The Byzantine army is destroying the Bulgarian outposts at the mountains of the Balkan peninsula. Your main enemy is Tsar Samuel who will try to catch you off guard.
Next mission would be at Constantinople where Basil will have to face usurpers and Saracen raids. There he will recruit the Varangian guard to help him fight his war.

Any suggestions are more than welcome!

I’ll give a few feedback notes:

1: Indeed the map is quite pretty.
2: Objectives, mission layout and story seem quite interesting.
3: You mentioned not being able to train the legionary at the barracks… I believe that has something to do with the fact that the legionary is an upgrade of the militia-line. I would suggest making an effect force researching the legionary for player 1 and see what happens there.
4: If you wish to add color to the dialogue, you can add image at the beginning of the dialogue. for example:


Unrelated to the actual content, but I would advise cutting the initial 7 seconds where it’s just paused without you saying anything, as that adds nothing to the video, and fix the aspect ratio if you can, because it’s not taking up the full YouTube player:

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You sir, are my hero :slight_smile: I am not sure I quite understood how to train the legionaries from barracks but I will try it for sure.
And finally learned how to change font color!
Thanks for the advice and feedback!

I noticed the long pause after I rendered the video and I didn’t have time to redo it again, and yes it’s annoying, I will try to avoid it in the next videos.
I am aware of the aspect ratio but I can’t match aoe’s aspect with YouTube, without cutting the edges. I know people do it right, but I haven’t figured it out yet. But I am working on it.

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Part 2 of the second scenario is up(video link at end of the post)!
Basil the II after defeating the Bulgarians returned to Constantinople as usurper Lecapenos claims the throne for himself. At the same time the former Byzantine general Bardas Skleros is heading towards the City to claim the throne too. Game of throne shenanigans :stuck_out_tongue:
Our task is to liberate the cities around Constantinople, so they pay recourses as we gather army to defeat our rivals.
At the same time rumors are spread that the Kievan Rus King, Vladimir the Great, will consider to form an alliance with Basil in exchange with his sister Anna, but first you must find her since she is imprisoned by usurper Lecapenos .
Make contact with the Rus to provide you with the Varangian guard. And don’t forget to convert them to Christianity :wink:
Your main heroes are, Basil the II the Bulgarslayer and the Captain and leader of the Imperial navy of Constantinople, Nikephoros Karantenos. Use Karantenos’ battleship to help you against your enemies.
There are still bugs but I am working on them right now.
Hope you like it!
Here are some pics from the scenario,

And the video:

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Where is the download link?Waiting!

It’s hard to tell for sure, but it looks like you aren’t using terrain layering. If you are, great, maybe use it on roads and stuff. If you aren’t, I strongly recommend getting the hang of it to blend terrains together and make much more natural feeling environments.

Trying to fix some bugs and working on the 3rd scenario of Basil’s campaign, there will be 5 in total. I’m glad that there is interest, thanks :slight_smile:

Never heard of terrain layering… Did you notice something out of place?

There’s nothing out of place. However, go to the “terrain tab” and near the bottom left, there’s a tickbox labelled “terrain layering” turn it on, and then experiment with it. By blurring terrains together, you will be able to create much more realistic settings. For example, you have really sharp edges between roads and other terrains currently. By using grass terrain over the road with terrain layering, it’ll blend in, look a bit worn, and feel much more immersive.