Battering Rams in Feudal Age

I don’t come to the forums much anymore, but I’d just like to say ‘out loud’ I think battering rams available in feudal age for all civs would be so refreshing.

I love playing with them as the cumans. I think it clearly hasn’t broken the game to have the available in Feudal. Cumans can still get access to capped ram in Castle as a bonus.

With the addition of rams, walling and going FC are riskier and it might even be worth buffing walls again. Even if opponent makes it to castle you still likely won’t have thrown the game because maybe your push did enough damage or maybe you can still take down their Castle/stables etc.

I think it would just add more options and dynamics to the early game.

I know it won’t get added, but it would be cool.


Cumans would need a new bonus as a compensation, then.
However, rather than giving it to everyone in feudal age, I wonder if it wouldn’t be more interesting to get the sapper as a new anti-building infantry unit.

The wood and gold investment hurts your fragile Feudal economy too much though. 360 wood + 75 gold just to make one ram which is easily countered by villagers. That amount of wood can make 6x farms or a ton of archers + spears. You’d have to do so much damage to make the investment worth it. Even destroying a stable wouldn’t be worth it, because you invested a lot more wood than he did by losing the stable.

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I don’t think it makes your observations invalid, but a ram only costs 160 wood.

200 wood for the siege workshop

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Naturally. :man_facepalming: I suppose you’d need one of those lol.

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It could happen the future isn’t always certain. By making the [Battering Ram] available in the Feudal Age it will give the player a chance to counter the Castle drop strategy if they cannot progress to the Castle Age as fast as their adversary.

I created a thread last year where I suggested that a new siege unit called the [Staff Slinger] could be added to the game and be available in the Feudal Age. This unit could serve as an additional siege option together with the [Battering Ram] for the player during the second age.

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Ram can be an option if militia line can build them.


Exactly, or even vils

I think that Battering Rams available in Feudal Age and Capped Rams in Castle Age would be a good step to prevent castles from being too oppressive and forcing players to advance to imperial age asap or die. For Cumans you can just give them free Capped Ram and Siege Ram upgrades, Rams trained 100% faster or something along those lines.


It doesn’t have to be particularly good, but either just fun or situational. Plus opportunity for team game shenanigans.

I like rams training faster as a bonus, more long term use as well

I agree, would potentially make it possible to actually finish someone off in feudal age.

In AoE4, you can research “Siege Engineering” in the blacksmith, which allows your infantry units to construct rams and siege towers, which could compensate for:

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Want to mention a side effect - you can build siege workshop at feudal means that a fast castle hoang rush comes out really quickly.

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Nah it should be even removed from Cumans.

Rams cost 33% less wood as Dravidians don’t have rams and this is missing.