Battle royale was not worth it

I still remember the fortnite lovers that were saying stuff like “bro just give it a try, battle royale in AOE2 will bring MILLIONS of people”

now look at it, dead, no new maps, no updates for it, was it really worth the effort? why didn’t they work on something better, a better gamemode (maybe flesh more diplomacy)…not…battle royale lol


Not sure who thougth it was would be great… I mostly saw posts like ‘BR is trash’ and it turned out to be trash indeed. If they want something like BR, they just have to promote CBA to an official game mode. But the devs dont really want to copy these mods. They like to remake things like this. Same is true for many new maps. They remade popular tournament maps and release them under a different name, for example. They also didnt just copy the Age of mandela mods, but they made a bad remake and put that into the base game.

Also other new features are a failure from the start. I look at you, Quick play. No one really asked for this game mode. I was pretty sure it would fail, when they announce the game mode. And it turns out i am right. It is a useful game mode. =

Things like these let me question the priority of the devs. I would love to see more focus on bug fixed and game stability, but they seems to focus more on useless features. And then they want even more money from us by release DLCs with useless new civs as well. There is no real reason to buy these DLCs.


actually i really like the quick play feature. You can play 1v1 unranked. Takes away a lot of the pressure and makes it easyer to get into fully ranked

Battle royale motivated them to add new stuff to the scenario editor so ig there’s always that.


There arent really much difference between ranked and quick play. The main difference is that ranked match you against equally skilled players, so you have mainly fair match ups. Quick play match you against random players. As result games will be never balanced.


Fully agree on this. It’s pretty embarassing, that it’s still on the front page as “new mode”.

You dont even find a game anymore (tried it 2 times with a 20 minute queue), so it’s better to remove that, be4 new players think age of empires is completely dead.


these kind of game mode should be temporary. 1 or 2 months per year is enough.
If they make other tempory games mode and always switch them, it could be nice.

That’s what a lot of other game makes with “not super popular” game modes… Just to make sure you can find a game when it’s active


I liked it, but it should have a time-limited mode (Except for lobbies).

Probably not worthy, it’s impossible for new modes to survive without constant attention and content from streamers and pro players.

And even though the idea wasn’t terrible, it became pretty soon a quite meh experience as soon as few tryharders figured out the perfect civs and strats to tackle it and stomp everyone, it was not a mode meant to tryhard tbh. Maybe played with only random civs and more random factors it would have been a better experience.

BR seems like a fun game mode to play at a LAN party, while being drunk. It doesnt really fun to play with random players to me.


I’m pretty sure you can’t play AoE if you’re drunk.

I’m pretty sure all of this “modern game” direction with battle royale, the new UI, an unnecesary quick play queue, etc… comes through direct orders from world’s edge/microsoft. A group of businessmen and marketing professionals with little to no contact with real gaming trying to understand why Fortnite and LoL succeded and failing in the process.


I kinda like this idea. I am not willing to always tryhard in ranked, but also do not want my elo to go down because I wasnt focused (since the next day I migth be focusing and stomping everyone). So I play some lobby, and there especially the edge games, like Forrest Nothing, CBA, atm random costs (you can find games now, since T90 uploaded his games with Daut). I remember the roll the dice scenario was more popular some time (I have only seen spirit of the law advertising it iirc) and died again. Pretty sure if someone would generate attention for it again it would be played again as well. So yeah rotating game modes (obviously without elo/ranking) sounds like it could be fun and also be somewhat active if it changes often enough, of course not as active as ranked, but better than Quickplay and BR combined 11

Edit: I am still wondering how queue system for Deathmatch had to go in order to not have too many queues, but Quickplay and BR still is here…

Nobody wants new game modes. All everyone wants in more civs and campaigns.

i want co-op campaigns and maybe challenge campaigns. but that’s about it really.


You got the point, probably. It is more a fun game mode to troll your friend then a game mode that needs to be approached seriously.

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Ah yes, some grass patches and the useless “extend map”, feature, which is a worse version of copy map and paste it.

Not true. 20 letters

I suspect it originates from Xbox / Microsoft Studios because Forza Horizon 4 development is exactly the same. Problems that people complained about right from launch never get fixed, but they add new features nobody wants.

When I saw the first game of battle royale, I was like “wtf is next, battle royale in Quake III Arena??”

Dead features happen all the time in software. Often when the direction/management isn’t using their own software, or doesn’t get feedback by powerusers.

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