Battle royale

I’m playing the windows store version of the game, click battle royale, play. Been in queue 10-15 mins now nothing.

Is the game mode dead? Is nobody playing just checking see if it’s just me or this game mode

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I tried it a couple of days ago and yes, 6 min queue. I left the queue. End of story. I think is very dead…

battle what? a game mode?

I’m not playing it myself, but they should make a ranked mode for it. Fairer matchmaking would probably help quite a bit.
For the rating system they could do it like autochess-games. I only played TFT, but I liked their system. Places 1-4 get points (place 1 the most obviously) and places 5-8 lose points. That way you’re also not forced to always play for the win, but can aim for place 3-4 if your civ isn’t good or your start was bad.

Tbh they should just get rid of Quickplay completely^^

Yes the mode is quite dead if the devs don’t do anything to improve it. It’s one of the most fun alternate game modes I’ve played with in a RTS besides the co-op mode in SC2. I’ve even made a thread about it;

Quick play in general is dead. Yesterday i saw the same kind of thread from someone about Quick play in general. This was my response (it also fits here):

There are some easy fixes to make the game modes in Quick play more popular:

Just delete Quick play as feature of the game and adds EW and BR to the ranked queue. This means you will be playing against about equally skilled players instead of random players. At least this will work for EW. I am pretty sure about this. BR seems to be more like a drinking game with friends. Not sure if such kind of game mode will succeed on ranked.

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I like battle royal mode, i play this mode nearly every day, i play maybe 1 or 2 games, and yes it takes long time to queue more than 10 or 15 mins, it seems there is no many players queue for the mode so it will take longer time to find a game