Battleships with water ceremony

We now know the “native warship” on European maps is the battleship. Now, with water ceremony the stats can be stacked into absurdity.
The idea of water ceremony is to make the numerous but weak per unit ships (canoes) more cost effective. If it is already a very strong ship by itself, that might cause problems

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The water ceremony has always brought things to absurdity. Aztec and Inca had the strongest navies before Battleships were introduced.

There needs to be a big overhaul of water mechanics.

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oh this is going to be fun

Yes it should only effect their own civs naval units not native ships. Imagine a 10 warrior priest aztec water dance with a battleship lol.

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imperial battleship with offshore support and 35 dancers. I LOVE IT xD

40 dancers, only available on editor :frowning:

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They will be available to all civs if they get an European House (each one +1 Battleship), IRC.

Where are you getting this information? I tried on a European style Unknown map with a European ally and didn’t have the Battleship enabled.

Is it only enabled with the house of Phanar tech? That sounds like it only increases the build limit but doesn’t enable them.


I don’t recall exactly and maybe I could be wrong. Tomorrow we can fully test it :slight_smile:

This affect of dances on the battleship needs to be removed. The devs deliberately do not allow Mercenary Contractor to benefit the battleship because that would make it too strong; this is way stronger than the 40% boost a battleship would get from Mercenary Contractor.

So far I don’t think the natives have access to these ships like the post suggests. And there are other cases where the ceremonies are selective. The fire dance doesn’t affect heavy cannons that Lakota can get from Spanish allies or the Hanover factory.

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Here you have. To any player in the Commerce Age!

Interesting, doesn’t seem like that that has been implemented so far.

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