[BattyMussel] All Civs Adjustment Mod

Hey guys.

After going through the AoE2DE forums some more I decided to make another mod. This mod focuses on making some changes to multiple civs (Unlike my previous Persian and Saracen mods which focused on large scale changes to one civ) in hopes of keeping every civ relevant without making them too strong or too weak. Here is a link to the mod:

I have made this thread so you guys can discuss the mod and provide feedback. For now I just plan to make this mod a data mod, but if there’s demand I could alter/add graphics as well (Or even merge my existing Persian and Saracen mods into this one).

Please let me know what you guys think of the changes made in this mod, or of any changes you would like to see. I aim to make a text mod for this soon so that the changes can be read in game and in the tech tree.

My future goals for this mod (Apart from giving/taking power to/from civs that need it and making adjustments as required), are to standardise all the civs bonuses by keeping it to 5 bonuses per civ (Because some civs already have 5, it’s easier to give bonuses than remove them). I also plan to remove unique buildings as civ bonuses/unique tech (Portuguese, Malay, Bulgarians) and just have them as unique buildings for those civs. I am aware doing all of the above will probably be hard as it may make some civs too strong, but working on problems like these is part of the fun especially if you can come up with creative but fair solutions.

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