Beastyqt just beat Hera using Dehli

I can not believe my eyes. Beastyqt just beat Heras English using Dehli.

I guess if you are good enough anything works.


And then he beat Hera’s Mongols with Delhi as well. “Worst” civ beating the “best” civ. He also went 8-0 with Delhi yesterday too. I think the game is just still so new that balance is always in flux and fixing bugs should be the main focus first.


Can you guys stop typing it “Dehli”???

1st time it is funny, 2nd time it is not funny!

It is “Delhi”…

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calm down mate see wikipedia page for delhi here Delhi - Wikipedia
Delhi (/ˈdɛli/; Hindi pronunciation: [ˈdɪlːiː] Dillī ; Punjabi pronunciation: [ˈdɪlːiː] Dillī ; Urdu pronunciation: [ˈdɛɦliː] Dêhlī ),[16]

dehli would be the right pronounciation for the time period of delhi sultanate. infact in game units say it that way as well in sentences like “farmaan-e-dehli”

Calling it deli or dilli is completely fine. Because it was and is a multicultural city and people with different languages called it differently.

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he was previously practising delhi with his smurf account as well, you can watch more of his matches under the gamertag REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

here’s a video fitz made about his game on Nagari with GiveUAnxiety Age of Empires 4 - Mongol TC Drop is STILL Alive! - YouTube

another recent one with DauT on Mongolian Heights Age of Empires 4 - Can Rank #1 Win as Delhi??? - YouTube

One thing not to discount is that a superior player will make up for some weakness of a faction. However I’m curious to seeing the respective build order used!!

Deli makes good cold cuts I hear

I can’t get to the gameplay… the stream is live. I can’t see video history on his channel?

English is not a phoenetic language Dehli might be a pronunciation but is not how it is spelled. Otherwise we’d be playing as Frans, the hohlee rawmahn empahyuhr, abəsids, ingglish, chahynuh and mongguhls

Is there a recast of these games on a different platform (i.e. Youtube)?

Did his honed blades even finish that game?

I lived in delhi for 8 years, most of my family still live there. Punjabi and other Hindus will call it dilli. Muslims from and people from old delhi will call it dehli. Non hindi speaking people who have lived there there since British times call it deli. And none of them have any problems with calling it either of those names or writing it in either way. Yes school kids might get into trouble for “not spelling it delhi”


Not really great proof since the number of people that speak English as their first language in Delhi is quite low not to mention knowing how to spell in English properly. Sure the guy was being really rude about it, but it is fair and informative to point out how to spell words for people who’s first language isn’t English.

It’s like how there’s another post in the form about the Chinese Won dynasty and fire lancers.

more than 30% of delhi residents have english as their native first language. look buddy, all three/four pronunciations and spellings are fine.

Delhi is correct
Dehli is correct
Deli is correct
Dilli is also correct

They can be fine for yew, but they are incorrect. Al yew haf to do is look at that artical yew postid and it tels yew how to spel Delhi, or yew can just look on the internet.

My sentence above is just as correct in spelling as Dehli.

residents of a place decide how it should be spelled and pronounce, not woke snowflakes from the internet.


if it was Bombay or Gurgaon then you can argue that they are now called and spelled Mumbai and Gurugram, because the residents of those cities decided to change it to that. But Delhites are cool like that and dont need no name change.

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You could maybe make a case for the city to be spelled one way or another based on the inhabitants, but the name of an empire. If some people want to spell it the same as a sandwich diner that is fine, doesn’t make it proper English It doesn’t help that the spelling Dehli doesn’t exist in any form of English learning whether it be dictionaries or textbooks.

Reinforcing people’s incorrect spelling won’t get them to learn how to write the language correctly.

dood the empire is named after the city, delhi came first, the sultanate came after. i mean ofcourse you cant call it delphi or some other name that would be wrong, but anything between delhi, dehli, deli, dilli is just fine.

In 50 BC, a Mauryan King, Raja Dhillu named this town (Yoginipura) after him and started calling it “Dhilli” or “Dhillika”.

if he beat 4 time more without lose, but just 1 time