Berserkergang should affect all infantry units, not just berserks.

You can’t make a civ have below average archers in imp, no cavalry, subpar siege, no mobility, and give it 20% HP to the least used unit archetype (that they don’t even have a full tech tree for) as a consolation prize.

And if you cry that Vikings are good and don’t deserve buffs because of their early game eco, maybe they are poorly designed as they are even more all-in as a civ than Aztecs are.

It’s just unreasonable. Tone down their eco if needed.


As far I can tell Vikings are all about using the free wheel/Handcart to rev into a powerful eco that can run away from most civs and win BEFORE all the end game techs are in.


Reading comprehension.

That’s actually a good idea imo. Although tbf more important it would be to revert the price increase to chieftains they did some time ago. The tech is absolutely crucial for vikings infantry play and I find it too expensive to get it reasonably early which is why continuing playing archers is usually the better play.


Viking infantry already share a civ bonus and a UT with berserks, so you’re kinda shrinking the niche of Berserks more than anything. Buffing chieftains again probably makes more sense, I don’t even know why they didn’t do so already anyway, didn’t they nerf it cuz they thought Viking infantry OP then backed down and buffed said infantry instead.


Why not giving bereserks more HP but no reg and berserkergang just adds the full reg then?

I think berserks deserve to have something special over the other viking infantry. (not only the speed)

You can’t!?? Well then, we must inform the devs immediately! I’ll send my fastest pigeon, post-haste!

Seriously though, Viking infantry could maybe use a small buff, but I mostly agree with others about doing that through cheaper Chieftains, or even giving chieftains an additional +1 or 2. Regen is one of the main draws of the Berserk, and if you give it to militia line, then Berserk just looks like a more expensive, only slightly better champion (higher attack and melee armor undercut by lower HP).


The problem with Berserkergnag affecting all Infantry is that it will make Berserks an absolutely pointless unit, and be completely overshadowed by Viking Champions (In fact Viking Champions win vs Elite Berserks). Such kind of problem existed when Lithuanians had blast furnace and Leitis with the same base attack as paladins, and currently Aztecs (Aztec Champions kind of overshadow Jaguar Warrior because both are high attack infantry units).


vikings have arguably the best eco in the game. so vikings should push at latest with trebs and arbs in early imp when the opponent is still in castle age. vikings really don’t need a buff, also i dont think regenerating pikeman would help them in post imp fights

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Hesven forbid vikings are bad in post imp after being great all game long elsewhere


Theyre not the absolute best in dark age, checkmate 11

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I get it. You don’t realize that when Vikings hit Feudal they are pretty much 175f ahead AND they get wheelbarrow so the longer the enemy doesn’t have wheel Barrow, which pauses Villager pump out, the better the Viking eco snowballs.


Why do you act as if everyone else outside you has a wrong opinion all the time for disliking your ideas? Like, you dont even attemp to talk with them you just say “its unreasonable to think otherwise” or just “REWORK THEM TO FIT MY IDEAS THEN”

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I think the game is better by having civs have advantages and disadvantages at different points.

Its not as bad as asymmetrical balance, but quite a lot better theb pure homogenized too


vikings lategame is not that terrible actually, they have good infantry

maybe it’s not the best but it’s also not the worst

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Which is why im okay with vikings as is.

So you want to make their Champions (who’re already affected by the extra HP bonus AND the anti-Cavalry bonus damage) to be affected by the Regeneration bonus as well?

Why dont you just replace the Champion with the Berserk and call it a day?

Another OCD post.

Well, they’re not great in Black Forest. Maybe OP lost a game there vs Elephant civs as Vikings or something 11

While I completely agree with you

The effect is more limited than Maghrebi Camels, is just 5hp/min more, for 250 more resources.
At least tone down the price. This has nothing to do with balance, merely a UT usefulness consideration.
Right now it doesn’t seem a really useful imperial tech, imho is quite pointless to get it.