Best archer civ

  • Britons
  • Mayans
  • Italians
  • Saracens
  • Ethiopians
  • Berbers
  • Byzantines
  • Vietnamese
  • Koreans
  • Persians
  • Chinese
  • Turks
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Mongols
  • Cumans
  • Tatars
  • Magyars

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The votes are in… Britons nerf in 3…2…1

Please remove 1 free range in caste age.

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Mayans. A 30% discount is crazy

Outside of team games, the civ is balanced even if in the strong side


Where is Vietnamese as an option? And where is Koreans? And Saracens?

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i forgot them. ill add!

sorry, had to replace the poll, now included another civs. Incas would be a option too.

I voted for Turks, just to contaminate the poll. lol.

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Nah, Britons really aren’t OP.

Actually, I think that Archer civs in general are balanced well compared to each other, although I’d like to see infantry get a round the board +1PA as archers, until the late game, are dominant.

While some civs overall need some buffs, I do not see any awfully OP ones.

I honestly don’t see +1 pa doing much for the viability of infantry

I guess you don’t played much team games, if you aren’t Franks, Mayans or Britons on land, or Italians and Vikings on water, you can’t compete, plus you also have Chinese dominating all at 2k. We need more nerfs seriously.
If a patch do more nerfs than buffs, believe me the game could balance better.

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We could also just reduce the trade profits to push for less gold heavy units I guess

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Brits are best I think with the range and huge powerspike in early castle age. Then Mayans with the insane discount and plumed archers. Chinese are also good with the Chu Ko Nu and general archers. Why are Spanish in the poll though, considering they don’t even have Crossbowman? Why did you have Spanish but exclude other civs like Bulgarians?

Before he changed the poll, he explained his choices in the poll choices himself. Apparently he includes gunpowder units as ‘archers’. Spanish are in the poll because of Conquistadors.

Britons no doubt, the only archer civ that outranges (and not by just a tile) its counters.

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I was thinking of things along the lines of incremental boosts to infanty, maybe a slight speed buff would work.

Let’s say you incrementally buff infantry to the point they compete against knights and archers. You realize at that point you’re gonna have to readjust civ bonuses and give infantry a trash weakness right?

Spanish have good gunpowder units, and we count that archers. Also Bulgarians is not a strong arhcer civ, with a powerful Siege, Cav and infantry.

Gunpowder count as archer, so Turks, Bohemains, Portuguese and Spanish must be added

Vote in commentaries if you like Bohemians as the best archer civ

Best archer civ imo is Mayans. Best civ for making and fighting with archers is Britons.

they also have skirm, hand canoneer, hvy cav archer and conquerors