Best camel civ?

Which is the best camel civ?

chinese. they are the best civ that have camels


Saracens, Indian Camels keep getting nerfs.


Honestly Saracens. Rather have the +10 hp and +1 melee armour with a cheaper upgrade rather than the extra attack from Indians


Come on guys, there is only one civ out there you “chose to play” because of their camels.

This is indians.

But the main question is, why you want to pick a civ mainly because of their camels? It makes no sense in a general context in 1v1s.

Indians are also even more of an “eco” civ than a camel civ, they are carried by their insane vill discount. Camels are a very strong part of their roster, but no unit you can “go” for, as with all other civs.
Camel just is no “power unit”.

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Hard to say. Camels are not something you always want to play. If you are up against an Archer civ, you definitely don’t want camels. So there’s two different possible answers.

Best civ with Camels?
Chinese. Hands down. Chinese have a strong eco with the extra villagers, and insane flexibility with their cheap techs and open tech tree. Meaning that Chinese can (in theory) handle almost any composition.

Best Camels?
I’d go with Berbers. FU Heavy Camel with a strong stable discount. They are going to be the most cost effective camels that you can make. (And the civ itself has some powerful options, the cheap knights in Castle, and the Camel Archers if the game goes Imp)


Oh its for team games, because everyone make knights and paladins and I want a civ with good camels and flexible, could be berbers

Berbers should be good in teamgames right? with the camels, genitours and camel archers vs cav archers, and the kasbah tech

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Yes, they are a pretty solid civ in 1v1 and also in TG. The Camel Archer is a great unit for team games. It counters all Cavalry Archer civs, so that’s a very powerful tool to have for late-castle and imperial age, while in (early) Castle, you can go cheap knights or cheap camel + cheap knights mix and apply heavy pressure.

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For teamgames I recommend Indians, but only in a 4v4. Then the other pocket should take a heavy cav civ.
Otherwise berbers might be the better choice because they can do both.

Note if you take a camel civ in teamgames the other players expect you to be their carry in special situations but also being the pocket they need to if it becomes problematic for them. Usually this is the role for the player with the most experience to take, not for one who is new to the thematic.

So maybe its indeed the best choice to begin with berbers and play standard knight pocket first to learn when to go for the camels.

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Ok so new players to the thematic are best in flank?? and do more generic stuff?

Malians Camels with Farimba deserves an honourable mention.


Depends on your playstyle. Both flank and pocket have their own difficulties. If you are an aggressive style of player, flank might be better, as flanks are normally the first to start engaging the enemy team. In that case you’ll want to brush up on your tower rushes, man-at-arms into towers and what not…


I think it depends, Newer players can also be pocket if they have experienced flanks - but then they usually just boom and spam knights to support.

But from a camel pocket you just expect more than jsut being that knight spam guy.

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seems like pocket is best for me and just play and get better at being that role, Im just to slow and overboom many times hahaha but berbers sounds good

Yeah I usually overboom I gotta find the balance, but Ive always thought of camels a way to force a reaction in the players that spam knights and they gotta answer with something else

You’ll just have to learn to co-ordinate with your flank. Check for signals on the map from your flank. They’ll indicate problem areas and he will (hopefully) communicate what kind of support is needed and when.

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One of my favorites too!! Love farimba camels but i end up short of powerful units maybe it’s just me and not the civ

Best is if you have something like teamspeak or so, and some people who can lead you to make the right calls. That’s the best way to learn in teamgames - and it can also help a lot in 1v1s later.

But ok, what I’m talking actually… I’m playing often Koreans in teamgames, screw the meta!!!

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Koreans still can be decent flank. You can still do a decent tower rush, which is always welcome :wink: