Best campaigns for Beginners

What is a good campaign for me to begin with? I tried working on the Bari Campaign, but the second level is quite difficult for me. What campaign should I start with so I can get used to it (other than the Tutorial campaign)?

Ivaylo/Tamerlane/Edward Longshanks/El Cid

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Okay. I’ll try some of those.

Long shanks is a horrible starter if you find the game difficult.

Japanese, Portuguese, Magyar, British are fun and not hard.

portuguese 4th and 5th campaign is a nightmare for a beginner, the japanese ones are aslo a bit difficult (kyoto has a timer which can be stresfull and KURIKARA is not as difficult thou it isnt an easy one either) the magyar campaign is rlly hard when you face teuton knights with your cavalry archers so theres that and the english ones are easy (agincourt is a very easy one and cyprus rises the difficulty level a bit though it is not impossible)

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on topic - the franks and tamerlane campaigns tend to be very entry level.

Tamerlane is a very good beginner Campaign. Has very clear objectives, and every map has plenty of army and resources for the player. You also get to fight against a decent variety of different enemy civilizations, and exposure to many civs is great, as the game has so many of them to learn.

I’d also take a look at Barbarossa, El Cid, Saladin, Montezuma, The Hautevilles and Edward Longshanks campaigns.

  • Barbarossa is nice, because you meet quite a good variety of different enemies, and the Teuton civ is very good for beginners due to better eco (cheap farms) and good defensive civ bonuses.

  • El Cid is nice because on some of the maps water play is important, and I think it’s good to be at least aware of water play a little bit. Spanish have a fun and strong Unique Unit, so that’s also a big plus.

  • Saladin: this one is also quite nice, because you get introduced to many of the European civs as adversaries, and I think it’s also a good for a new player to be aware of Camelry units.

  • Montezuma: Aztecs are a strong civ, and good to play a mezo civ to learn how they work. Most of the missions start you off with a pre-built base too so it’s pretty straight forward.

  • The Hautevilles: I think this one is nice because you get to fight a lot of different civs in this campaign, and given the number of civs in the game, every bit of exposure is super helpful. I think the Sicilians are also a good noob friendly civ, because the farm bonus is very useful, and the Serjeant is a very nice general purpose unit.

  • Edward Longshanks: I think this is probably one of the easiest campaigns other than the obligatory William Wallace campaign, so this is a good pick for some confidence boost. :slight_smile:


  • Franks, (5th map might be very difficult as beginner, with the AI micro on Longbows, I can see beginners just getting absolutely shrekt)
  • Kotyan Khan (almost every map will be hard as a beginner),
  • Alaric (campaign is definitely not very educational for a beginner, lot of weird missions),
  • Attila (might be hard for a beginner, as Huns are not a good civ to use against Byzantines until you know how to exploit AI weaknesses)

When you look at the campaign menus, you’ll see a series of swords next to the titles. Some campaigns, like Joan of Arc, Edward Longshanks, Tamerlane, etc have one sword, some have two swords (Gajah Mada, Pachacuti) and some three. The swords indicate a general area of difficulty; the more swords, the harder the campaign.
So, I’d start with the one-sword campaigns first. It’s what I’m doing right now, even. I’m done with Edward Longshanks and Tamerlane, so I’ve moved on to Genghis Khan.

Have fun with Into China :wink:

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Except the originals are very plain and boring. I force myself to replay them and it’s so horrible ahaha

maybe but they are good for learning the game for a new person.

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I ment the original brittish campaigns/ historical battles not the new one

The Siege of Paris level is really easy if you know how to trick the AI, I’d say that the hardest thing to do in the Joan of Arc campaign is keeping Joan alive.

There is only one British campaign and that is Edward Longshanks.

As a general rule: The oldest campaigns are the easiest, because people didn’t have experience 20 years ago. Newer campaigns are harder.

So the AOK campaigns (Jeanne d’Arc, Barbarossa, Saladin, Ghengis Khan) are overall the easiest.

Have you ever tried beating the Lion and the Demon and Into China?

Yeah, not falling asleep is the most difficult part.

The historical battles campaigns there are two brittish ones. Both easy. One you just work on troop control

The Richard the Lionheart scenario was quite hard in my experience.

You can literally click Richard at the docks where the transport is right at the beginning and he’ll literally run past everything.