Best civ?

Hi guys, i seem to be unable to find a proper tierlist of civs for aoe 3 DE. Can anyone help me? I play against bots only

A quite strong player made a tier list, keep in mind that tier lists are very subjective(except the bottom 4 civs that are almost unanimously bad), Here it is:


Swedes that’s all you have to play. :joy:

Only to compete with robots, it is also recommended that you mod the “Show Time Patch”

Thankyou :smiley: What does showtime patch do?

The game is very well balance at hight level and there are no “best civ”, aztec russia dutch and china are probably at the bottom (but not that bad) and all others are very close and depend a lot about mu and maps.

This patch adds campaign units to the regular game, and there are also game changes

Native Americans can call their Native Warriors in the main program.
European countries can transport the Battle units of the campaign and train them.
Asian countries have strengthened, and unpopular wonders have new technologies.

Mind that this is a 1vs1 scenario, and that dutch for example are a monster if you allow them to setup.
Also one criteria is the diversity of possible strats. And most of the mentioned civs are kinda one trick pony, thats why he grouped them in that way.
Dutch semi ff
China FF or FI
Aztec rush
Russia Rush or FF

See the public vote.

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How about 3v3/4v4 in a long drawn out game against bots? Any fun recommendations?

vs bots you should just take the faction you think is going to be the most fun to play.

both if you want the strongest late game factions then it is:

1/2: sweden and france

3: portugese

ah okay thank you! :smiley:

To train, i usually play 1vs2 or 1vs3 on Hard vs the PC. In these battles a Turteling Civ is always better than an all in rush civ.

Hence in a vs bot situation i would advice - Ports, Dutch Brits or France.

Ports and Dutch have similar army compositions but play a little different - have the Goon/skirm/HC and you can even revolt to peru, brasil or South Africa and its just massive.

A Fun civ in the late game is Japan with mass exalted samurai, Yabusame and Ashis.

This topic reflect the opinon of a small groupe, not the reallity. It’s seem obvious than the opinon of someone with 1000 elo can’t be accurate, and it have the same impact than someone with 2000. I would like to see the median/mean of the peaple which had respond to the poll.

yeah, i mean looking at the treaty rating people placing Spain at less than 3 on average is really not accurate, the faction is like the 4th best faction in the mode.

if i knew more about the 1 vs 1 meta i guess i could also say something about that.

also who on earth doesn’t rate france 5, they are super OP.

Usa is best civ ever


In terms of HC cards yes.

The one you like to play?


For me yes , usa is really fun to play , its good civ too

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