Best Jack of all trades civ?

Who do you think are the best jack of all trades civ? Have a flexible tech tree and have plenty of options.

Byzantines or Spanish are what I recommend.

How about the Persians? Trashbows, get fully upgraded halberdiers (yes, awful swordsman line), full cavalry upgrades (for most the game’s history basically), siege workshop only missing siege onager. There also missing siege engineers, but I find their siege overall good apart from that.

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For me it is Malians for sure. After that Saracens comes into my mind. Chinese, Byzantines and Spanish are quite good and surprisingly Magyars also have a lot of options.


Portuguese. 20 character


  • full upgrade archer
  • full upgrade infantry (with bonus)
  • very good navy
  • full upgrade cav archer (even parthian tactic…)
  • solid cavalry (but not full upgrade. but they got bloodlines and husbandry, so all tech needed for castle age)
  • upgraded tower (with their yasama UT)
  • correct siege (no SO and SR but upgraded treb)
  • a very situational UU but it’s super strong on some matchup (vs goth for example)

Byzantine are totally overrated as all around civ nowadays. They used to be… Back in age of the Kings!

Now they have bad cab without meele attack and bllodlines. I think there archers miss thumb ring. Their Infatry also lacks the attack upgrade. Mediocre siege.

They have cheap trash that is not even FU. I would say Lithuanians mostly better at everything.

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Atm, I’d say the strongest among these are Khmer and Chinese. Besides top tier eco (which helps realizing their multiple options) both lack very few core units/upgrades and perform well all the way from feudal age to late game. After that probably Malians which just lack a bit flexibility in late game (mainly due to lacking bracer)

Also keep an eye out for portuguese after the patch.

I agree that they belong to the most flexible in late game and have very strong options at that point but wouldn’t say this necessarily applies to their early and mid game.

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(Though there’s a hole until they get squires which I hope they get soon)


@Chakalmax makes a good case for Japanese

I would say China. FU infantry, FU stable but hussar, SR, FU arbs… and a generalized eco bonus



no supplies so you cannot go for militia line

no paladins and no hussars

Yeah sorry, I was thinking of paladins as a specialized civ. It still remains the most versatile civ imo

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Chinese and Magyars.


Magyars might be one of them:

-Cheaper Scouts&free attack upgrades for rush
-Team bonus for better archer rush
-FU knight&archer line
-FU CA with a UT(+1 att&range)
-Trash UU for Lategame
-Champs&Halbs only lack arm upgrade
-Mediocre Siege lack of S.Ram&S.Ong
-Lack of real eco bonus but it’s ok for me

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Here’s my case for Saracens

  • Fully upgradable Arbs/heavy CA (with bonus against buildings)
  • Fully upgradable champs (with supplies)
  • Heavy camel, hussar with full upgrades
  • Siege ram, siege onager and bombard canons (one of two civs that gets all three)
  • All monk techs available (with underrated monk UT)
  • Memelukes
  • Faster firing galleys on water

Only major issues are

  • lack of halbs (should not be an issue if your army comp has camels/memelukes. In trash wars you should be able to afford more champs because of the market bonus)
  • lack of cavalier/paladin (can be replaced by hussars for raiding, bbcs to deal with enemy siege)
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Ethiopians - Am I joke to you?

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I felt like i was forgetting something, dammit!

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  • Chinese: solid tech tree, generic tech bonus, good archers, infantry, cavalry, scorpions
  • Japanese: infantry, archers, CA, monks, navy
  • Italians: most complete tech tree of all civs, good archers, monks, navy (but can go infantry, cavalry if needed)
  • Portuguese: full blacksmith, generic gold discount, good archers, navy, gunpowder, monks, cost-effective FU cavalier (but miss Squires, Hussar)
  • Saracens: camels, archers, siege, navy, monks (but no cavalier)
  • Spanish: full blacksmith, cavalry, gunpowder, navy, monks (but weak archers)
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Portuguese by the end of today.

agree here, but whats ironic is they are one of the worst civs in the game… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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