Best Siege civ

  • Celts
  • Mongols (Imp UT)
  • Slavs
  • Khmer
  • Ethiopians (Imp UT)
  • Turks (BBC)
  • Japanese (Imp UT)
  • Chinese (Techs cheaper)
  • Bulgarians (All Siege upgrades execpt by BBC)
  • Bohemians (Houfnice)
  • Koreans (Onagers more range)

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You should also mention how Ethiopians are the one civ with every single siege workshop unit.


Yeah (20 characters)

If i could pick 3 civs i’d go Mongols, Celts and Ethiopians. In that order. o( ̄▽ ̄)o

But the Koreans SO + UT is insane!

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You forgot Teutons with their UT.

It is still the Celts’ thing, though there are some frightful contenders.

yeah sorry hahahahaha

I totally understand the people who picked the Celts. They’ve got a lot of bonuses going for them. I just don’t like any of them as much as I like Drill.

Drill Rams are frightening.

well celt rams have 440 hp and onagers/ scorpions who shoot extremly faster

More to the point their attack speed bonus is available from the Castle Age, meaning they can do things during that critical period that are unmatched by other civilizations.

Khmer, Chinese, and Bulgarians. I like Scorpions, and I think they’re the top 3 civs for Scorpions.

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Ethiopians scorpions are scarier than chinese ones but more expensive to upgrade.

Dont forget the best Korean siege bonus: their team bonus!

Celts without a doubt. Their UT is just the cherry on top. Faster attack speed affects even rams.

You should add Rocketry for Chinese.


Even Trebuchets.

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In AoC i remember 440, thats strange

I dont think there is a universally best siege civ. Celts has the best classic siege, bohemians has the best gunpowder siege (bbc and their UU) and Ethiopians has the best variety (and nice UT for closed maps late game). It has to be one of these three but I guess it depends on map, opponents civ and stage of the game.

Kataparuto is such a weird UT, basing on 0% historical truth, unhelpful to the situation.

When the players firing to the each others’ trebuchets by own trebuchets in the trebuchet rush in the early imperial age, any extra resources and time should be used to make one more trebuchet at the castles rather than researching this tech. After the rush the player may gain ahead, paying the resources to spawn more troops to protect the trebuchets and to crush the oppose base rather than this tech still.

Or just change this UT into giving Japanese the bombard cannons, keeping the accuracy and helpful to siege and counter the onagers.

The unique tech was nerfed.

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If u use Going Above and Beyond cheat and u Research Kataparuto and Siege Engineers u Will see the most funny thing on AoE2 DE. Same with Bastion