Best UU

  • Jaguar Warrior
  • Cathapract
  • HWW
  • Coustiller
  • Arambai
  • Konnik
  • Camel Archer
  • Woad Raider
  • Chu Ko Nu
  • Kipchak
  • Shotelai
  • Throwing Axeman
  • Tarkan
  • Kamayuk
  • Elephant Archer
  • Longbowman
  • Genoese Crossbowman
  • Scorpion Elephant
  • War Wagon
  • Leitis
  • Huzár Magiar
  • Karambit
  • Gbeto
  • Plumed Archer
  • Mangudai
  • War Elephant
  • Obuch
  • Organ gun
  • Mameluke
  • Serjeant
  • Boyard
  • Keshik
  • Jannisary
  • Teutonic Knight
  • Ratan Archer
  • Berserk

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I’m surprised cata, leitis and War Elephant all got a vote


The most predictable outcome

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No conquistadors ? 20 char


I think currently there are 5 units competing for that spot. Mangudai still should have the edge, but the other 4 aren’t that bad either, at least in their specific maps:
War Wagon

And the obuch deserves a honorable mention, too.

Edit: looks like we have some trolls here… Jag got a vote xD.

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For me it’s the camel archer.
Fast, high damage, trains fast with Kasbah and conscription plus it regenerates itself.


There are several great UU’s, but nearly all of them require support units. I voted War Wagons because you can spam literally one unit and take down everything that isn’t a castle (or a few other counter UU’s).

Rattan Archer on a personal level. Relatively easy to mass, very good stats and huge amounts of pierce armor.

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You need to add more votes for each person


5 votes would be better.

Mangudai is soo good that the one of AOE 4 is its spiritual succesor

The best is Mangudai without any question.
Other great UUs are Camel Archer, Conquistador, Huskarl, War Wagon.

olvidé algunos pocos

Leiciai now being used by Jibatong, maybe the unit is really good

cataphract 2nd on the list 11

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16+8 is too op really

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6* hahahahahahahahaha :frowning:

considering how weak they are too archers i’m not that concerned. they don’t see that much use, especially in team games. and +8 is impossible by the way. they don’t get blast furnace.

Imho Leiciai are not even THAT weak against archers, since you need only 2 relics to 2-shot arbalesters and 4-shot HCAs. As a matter of fact, they’re like a buffed heavy camel that costs more food and less gold.

They suffer from the same problem that afflicts a lot of other melee cavalry UUs though: they’re heavily bottlenecked by castles.
To kill 30 FU paladins you need at least 25-26 Leiciai (with 2 relics), if you want some margin.
When the numbers become bigger you simply can’t keep up with Castles. I’m obviously talking about team games.

Are people blind or why would they choose war wagon over Hussite wagon which is clearly more broken