For anyone with premium package!


The official Age of Mythology: Retold Closed Beta will run from Friday, July 12th through Sunday, July 14th.

  • Starts: Friday, July 12th at 10:00 AM PT (17:00 UTC)
  • Ends: Sunday, July 14th at 11:59 PM PT (6:59 UTC)

During the closed beta, Age of Mythology: Retold Premium Edition owners will be able to:

  • Brush up on the basics by playing the Tutorial and continue to grow your skills and experience the main campaign with the first 5 missions for the Fall of the Trident campaign.
  • Test your skills in Skirmish or Multiplayer matches in our Standard Map Pool which gives a wide variety of the maps intended for release (MP limited to 8 players for the closed beta).
  • Try out three of the four Pantheons, including Greek, Norse, and Egyptian. Call upon # ###t of mythological creatures and godly powers to dominate your enemies.

There seems to be a focus on the three original pantheons for this beta due to leaving out the Atlanteans. We’re probably going to have a separate beta with all four of them at a later date with access to the first 2 or 3 missions. Makes me think we might see some changes (small or large) to how the Atlanteans play.


Make sense.

They also announced there is going to be another big stress test, open to every steam player to test servers. So maybe you will see some atty then.


Thanks for posting this in time for me to schedule some time off!

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Thanks for the news! Didn’t expect that lol

But why in the middle of the month… for me a bad timing cause of that and other reasons… why not end of July or end of June or early August… but ofc I am happy but I still don’t bought the premium yet cause I wanted to know and see more first but now it feels like o have to even I didn’t calculate it for this month sigh

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I’m really not a fan of this.
They are really pushing people to preorder the Premium Edition. You are paying to do work for them.

Also strange that the Atlanteans are missing from this test. I wonder why.

This beta is clearly to close to release to be able to do any significant changes before release.
Seems like this is mostly going be a network test.


I guess it is both that and they want to have more feedback about the game balance.


They already announced an open beta stress test for anyone (no need for premium).

I think this is better than a closed beta based on subscription and random selection. This will allow whole AoM community who love and bought the game already to participate in an easy way, without registering for insider, etc…

They are allowing any sort of stream and video, so I think it’s mainly to get feedback on the game.

Atty missing is really interesting, idk why this could be…

Is that I can download the beta version in steam when it starts on 12th ?

Reminder to never pre-order a game unless you are 100% invested in it and ready for possible consequences (Yes, even from Devs. with a good track record). Examples: No Man’s Sky, Fallout 76, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Cyberpunk 2077, etc.

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Glad that there will be opportunities for players to jump in and provide feedback, including without a pre-order.

I’ve been playing Extended Edition through all these years. So, yes, I’m full on board.


They probably have bigger godpower rework and are left out to not confuse players. Since godpowers are now on cooldown for everyone, the Atlantean charge system does not make sense.

Think of it positively, since content creators are allowed to stream and make videos about the game during the beta, you can use that to decide if you wanna buy the game.

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Oh and I thought it’s cause of favour adjustments and maybe also gathering changes but yeah maybe godpowers too

I didn’t know that, that’s good to hear.

Registering for insider is free and it’s something that most dedicated fans have already done long ago.
Wouldn’t it be the best idea to give access to the people that are most dedicated to the game since they are able to provide the best feedback?

That is nice to see too. I really dislike it when studios are too secretive about their games.

Unfortunately the “average” “gamer” is surprisingly stupid. When some clearly unfinished early alpha footage gets leaked they will complain about it looking unfinished.
Oh wow unfinished things are unfinished, who would have thought!

Don’t get up at midnight.
The beta might start late into the day, especially if you live in the East. If you live in Asia or Australia the Beta might start on the 13th for you since the Studio working on the game is on the West coast of North America.

The game is about to be released. I sure hope they have figured that out by now.
That’s like the first thing you need to figure out when making godpowers rechargeable.

I know that I want to buy the game (unless it’s utterly broken, but then again I even enjoyed playing Cities Skylines 2 and AoE3DE on release).

I just don’t like it when publishers do all those pro order bonuses and other things to push people to buy a premium edition.
They just can’t admit the they made a 50$ game and have to make it look like 30$ is the base price.
It isn’t.
The same as the base price of a AAA game not actually being 60-70$.


No, you misunderstood, What they want people to focus on if the game is good by comparing Pantheons that are relatively similar, and that means 90% discussions not being about how Atlanteans are ruined now. Also lets be honest, the instant hero making mechanic ruins myth units so if Atlanteans would be in it would be hard to get feedback about myth unit balance.

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Love Microsoft censoring themselves as usual.
“Call upon # ###t [a shit ton] of mythological creatures and godly powers to dominate your enemies.”

Uhoh I wrote more than 2 lines, I may be moderated by the AI bot, to condition people not to write more than 1 bad written sentence, unless it’s totally biased af.

That makes sense.

tbh. a lot of things about the Atlanteans are awful and uninspired.

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Well maybe that’s why they didn’t put them in the beta. I honestly really think they have some more changes than the other three maybe some more basic changes instead of adding new units and buildings like for the Norse. (at least a part of me hopes so)

I’m glad I signed up for the Age insider Program so I could be kept apprised of Age updates like this.

Become an Insider!

For Age fans who are looking for a new way to contribute to their favorite games, the Age Insider Program offers the chance to write a new chapter in the long and seasoned history of the Age series. As an Insider, you’ll join one of the most passionate player communities as they work alongside the development teams behind your favorite Age games. You’ll unlock access to exclusive updates, feedback opportunities, and will have the chance to play and provide your thoughts about the latest preview builds—helping to shape the franchise and the future of the real time strategy genre!

As usual with signing up with websites to be an “insider”, you’re often the last to learn about these things. You have to stumble upon the info yourself through random happenstance. No email blast… no forum DM… just visit the forum for AoE2 and randomly/accidentally see AoM beta info

At least it worked well up until about the time AoE4 came out, iirc