Beta Invite?

Do you think Insiders will get an invite for AOE4 beta when it comes up or will we have to do something like Pre Order?
I mean we got invited to AOE:DE and AOE2:DE (and possibly AOE3:DE) so why not the new game too?

So for a year now, there have been community players playing Age of Empires 4 behind the scenes. We will continue this and enlarge the program, because we definitely want to be in contact with the community, in all games. We did that with the third part. All parts without exception have grown and improved with the help of the community and the fourth part will not be an exception.

People often talk about beta or alpha. We have gone away from it and move in much smaller scale processes. So we’re starting to let the game play by very small, specific groups and get feedback. So if new features appear in this process, we will also report on them.


Any news on a beta or alpha?

There will likely be no news about an AoE4 alpha for quite some time. And when that news arrives, it likely will be loud and clear.


What do you think, first AOE 3 : DE or AOE 4 ?? :slight_smile:

Probably AOE3:DE.

I really liked AOE3 and still play it with friends sometimes.