Big elephant in the room: Cheaters! #1 on RM 1v1 ladder!

  • The devs need to give priority to anti cheat mechanics
  • The devs dont need to give priority to anti cheat mechanics

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We all know how bad previous patch was with exploit to get free and multiple techs. The current situation is maybe even more worse: The current #1 on the RM 1v1 ladder is a cheater.

Proof can be found:

Yes, this is calling people out, but i don’t care for this instance. It is not about this player. It is about something bigger, something larger. This thread is about the big elephant in the room. It is about one important question:

When will Microsoft introduce more anti cheat mechanics?

This game needs more anti cheat mechanics. The current amount of cheaters is killing the game. Previous month some of the pros already decised to just quit DE. Now we have another cheat. If this continues every month, DE will be dead.

For me the first priority for the devs NEEDS to be adding more anti cheat mechanics. I would be very disappointed if next patch dont introduce anti cheeat mechanics. If microsoft want to save DE from cheaters, they have to act NOW. There is no time to wait.

The number of reports of cheaters at DE just seems to increase. Now it is possible to stop this. This really means the devs needs to give priority to introduce anti cheat mechanics. If the devs has no idea how: Have a look at Voobly. This kind of stuff was pretty rare at Voobly. So use that as example to make the game better.

I much rather have better anti cheat mechanics, than the normal stuff in a patch: Balance changes, AI improvement, new map pool, some event, … If needed: Skip all of those things and go working on better anti cheat mechanics.


Maybe this is the #4 easter egg. Well played, May-hem indeed.

Easter eggs:

  1. Games no longer crash at 5 minutes -> They crash before that, when they even start;
  2. Chat filters even worse -> Good thing the lobby crashes and players dont even connect to avoid chatting altogether - also why there is no chat when you are looking for a game with a a premade is beyong me;
  3. Pathfinding worse than in March;
  4. Cheaters!

Add to that the fact that the map pool is even worse than last month’s… So sad.

We need to revert the patch back to March’s AND add anti-cheat mechanisms. ASAP. Like, 2 days is too late already.


I would just be happy if the game would actually be playable. After that we can care about those cheaters, and then all the rest.

Events should come last. But I guess it’s not funny to code anti-cheat stuff or making the game playable. It’s much more interesting to come up with some cool new events and easter eggs



Our one and only RANK ONE “Argentinian” guy, The Official Greatest Player in the whole world and The pro(?) player with the highest winrate ever , just stopped playing once he beat Mbl by one rating point to be the Best player ever in the world

It’s a shame we aren’t seeing more of his great strategies and his greatness

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-Haven’t they been introducing anti-cheat measures every patch? This is the “normal” reality of online games with ladder systems. It is a constant battle to “beat the hackers”.

-Not saying this excuses the developers, but do you want no content patches and only focus on anti-cheat prevention? Yes the last patch introduced an exploit which made it very easy to cheat; but prior to the April update I never ran into a cheater once. Theoretically if that exploit is fixed; we’ll be back to less than 1% cheaters (like the one Parthnan is referring to)? Hopefully anyway…


I changed my review on Steam Store and many of my friends did as well. NOT RECOMMENDED. Review This is the best game ever but instead after 6 months for this game to be mature with minor tweaks, its gotten worse. Like HOW!?

  • Each patch this is what happens:

-We fixed 10 issues from the old patch! (But here are 3 more issues, stuff can walk through walls, pathing is gone… like gone gone… say good by to units. Oh and we changed all civs while at it.)

  • Next month.

Walls work as intended. Pathing is still same but we think thats ok. I mean yea what ever. Oh people can now cheat in actual game cause we got a new cheat code for 256 mod. Enjoy!

  • Month later

We fixed the 256 mod cheat but now we can just cheat in general. Here: have a look!
Also now game crashes like ALL THE TIME and also you cannot chat in game sometimes, thats special easter egg :wink:

  • June update:

We didnt do anything about cheating but here a worse map pool! Also games worse we dont know why.

Okay now honestly what is the plan here? Here is how:

  • Can you test your patches FOR ONCE? Like really… ill test it for you… send me the beta and ill happily put few hours each day to test it.

  • Cheaters? Sure no problem, have a dedicated mod and a section here for people to post cheaters profiles. Mods should be able to ban IP instantly and cheaters are gone. Need volunteers? Ask some Pro players or community guys to help. We WILL HELP. We love this game. But please dont sit there doing nothing. Until you develop a good anti-cheat, implement this old school way!

  • Crashes? No worries, STOP MAKING WILD CHANGES EACH PATCH! Leave it as is. Dont bring more features like the 256 cheat code! That literally broke the game. Stop balancing civs for now! Just fix the previous issues. Just focus on the game breaking issue PLEASE.


You could say that this new #1 is going above and beyond Kappa.

I have yet never played a cheater - or at least I didn’t notice any abnormalities - again YET.
To me the logical solution is to completely remove the featured cheatcode introduced in May patch from the game. The cheatcode that no one playing the game competitively asked for.
That’s the quickest solution to solve the problem. If there still are cheaters in the game then there has to be available other way to cheat.

Other than that concentrate on fixing:

  1. common bugs that make the game unplayable,
  2. fixable drops or crashes,
  3. melee pathfinding,
  4. game mechanics,
  5. game balance,
  6. cheating (depending on how much common cheating would be after removing the cheatcode “going above and beyond”),
  1. graphics and icons,

DON’T. introduce ways to make cheating possible (literal “cheat codes”).

At least, that’s how I see it.
Stating the question and answers as the OP did is manipulative.
2020-05-30 19_44_26-Window
The situation is more complicated than that.
It reminds me of political polls.

Right now aoe2 de is slowly becoming a meme in gaming community.
It was going so well in the beginning. A lot of wrong decisions made by devs and again lack of communication.
Compare the way devs communicate in a game like Rainbow 6 Siege with the way our devs do. The game would have been so much better.


Big Elephant in the room?

Just use Halbs, they got +60 bonus damage
Halbs rekt them

We dont want events
We dont want easter eggs
We dont want new taunts

All we want it is playable game without cheaters, game crashes and bugs

When they reach that.
They have to stop updating this game and leave be. Each new update is making this game worse with new bugs.


Nope, there is no anti-cheat whatsoever.


-So the patch notes fixes the security holes or whatever they included in each patch were just filler text that did nothing?

-I’m all for bringing up questions but for that type of accusation I’d love to read some proof. The devs haven’t acted shady thus far to make me believe they’d do such an action.

Could you give any example of where they mentioned anti-cheat in patch notes?

-Sure! Obviously the May exploit fix.

-April had “Implemented additional tracking and safeguards to defend against cheat programs.”

-March had “Implemented additional tracking and safeguards to defend against cheat programs.”

-Its pretty hard to proactively know how hackers are going to hack. You can see this in most if not all anti-cheat programs. There usually are hackers that hack on current versions then anti-cheat has to “catch-up”.


-I also want to add that the “exploiters” ruined the game for everyone at all levels of play (only seen in the April update). As of right now we are back to “1 known hacker” in the world which only affects the top .01%.


Do you believe everything that you read from these devs?

Go to the new posts about cheating.

Only a trainer is enough to cheat this game right now

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-Generally from a consumer standpoint; yes… you typically believe what is announced unless there is a reason not to. I don’t see any red flags or a reason not to.

-What I see is that the April patch caused an exploit. People abused this exploit to cheat. That exploit is now fixed.

-Now what I see is that there is a hacker in the #1 spot. I imagine next week he’ll be addressed. At the end of the day its the weekend and it isn’t a big deal that .01% of the people are getting the short end of the stick. Does it majorly suck for them? Of course. Is it reason enough to call employees to work on the weekend? I dunno about that.

-Its easy to lump everything in the past to make your argument stronger; but this “trainer” you speak of only came about now because “someone” hacked/updated the trainer to allow it. So now the ball is back in the dev’s court to add “more” additional preventative measures to disallow the trainer from working.

-Feel free to counter point of course!

  1. The May exploit was not hacks, it was a bug - there’s a big difference.

  2. Yes, I think it was just filler text, same with the whole “we’re still investigating melee pathfinding” and “we’re improving the filter for the community”.

  3. Not so hard when their hacks are literally on github.

The exploit did indeed ruin the game for all levels. But the hackers are ruining pro players’ streams with 1000s of viewers. There is more than one hacker because there are people doing it more subtly than going straight for #1. Someone on AoEZone made a list of all the known hackers, but there are for sure many more we don’t know about. How would you notice if your opponent cheated in an extra 1000 gold in imp?


-You wouldn’t. What if they aren’t hacking?

I believe I countered most of this in my previous message, but just to reiterate:
It’s not just 0.01%, there are many more subtle hackers

Exactly. There’s no way to tell.

-So what are we discussing then? What does “what if someone cheats and you can’t notice it” mean for whose argument?


-But…each patch we’ve seen changes to the censorship for better or for worse. Same with melee pathfinding (according to the posts). Personally melee pathfinding seems more or less the same the whole time. So we think that the other line is just filler text? I guess that’s where we’ll agree to disagree; because I don’t see a precedence set for me to believe that.