Blatant desync exploit abuse

Hi all,

The amount of desyncs is on the rise and it no longer is a causal hiccup.

From the AoE Discord

And the picture WiseSnake posted enlarged for readability:

This person cleary uses the exploid to end games he does not desire to conclude. The worst thing: it actually does not help that person. The ELO system still adds (or subtracts) ELO based on total score of a player (or in team games: total team score)

If we check this player on the leaderboards you can see that in coherence on all his ‘no result’ games on the 24th he steadily decreases in ELO on that day.

So the sad thing is, the exploid doesn’t even help them. It will give them a win if they are winning and it will give them a loss when they are losing. All it does is prematurely end the game instead of having it evolving towards the natural end.

Can this please be put high(er) on the priority list? I’ve already reported quite some desync logfiles and DxDiag to the team.

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I’ve experienced this too …

Hi @KiezelSteentjeh, Please report players in game or by submitting a support request at