Block players

I want to block players so I don’t end up in the same server as them.
How to do that?


No way to block players from matching with you, can only report them in game or block communication in game (statistics screen or diplomacy I believe). It could be argued blocking whichever players you choose could be abused in the ranked queue. You can still block players in Steam to prevent communication regardless.


You can’t? I could have sworn I’d seen that option somewhere around a match. But that was probably the unranked lobby then or something.

I just want to prevent some players to match me on Unranked.

Still waiting to be able to block players. I get reporting for serious stuff but sometimes I just don’t wanna play with someone, ya know? Like, there have been a few matches where players were annoying, kept spamming the chat or signal button, or team members stealing your sheep or resources in general and just not being nice. None of these warrant a report, and blocking them would make both parties happier. I feel like the lack of block in the game is just asking for players to get irritated with each other and escalate things. I don’t like it. In AOE3 there was a block option and if you block someone, they can’t DM you, enter your lobby and you can’t enter theirs. It wasn’t perfect but worked well enough.

At the end of the game you can block a player in the statistics screens. He need to be still in the game (why?) and it only results in his chat be blocked, and not the player itself (again, why?).

I just made my own thread with this suggestion some days ago. I fully agree we needs this feature.

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Upvote! I dont wanna play someone who is unskilled by my perception. Would you start a company with you hated person ? Why would i play with the same person i hate ?! Game is for fun and it is no fun.

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Pretty sure there is a ban option when someone joins, but I don’t know how effective it is. Should not allow someone to join an unranked lobby at least for while you’re playing. Pretty sure I’ve also seen a banlist feature (but not really sure how to add players there).

In general the in-game UI is quite archaic and would benefit greatly from these features, or at least have existing ones improved upon.

I’m guessing the devs don’t really want this because matchmaking is already hard enough as it is. If you let people block every time they get triggered we’d all be waiting on the ranked ladder forever

I really, really need a button to block players. I’m not crying about those difficult enemies that you have to face 3 times in a row or enemies that cheat (extremely rare cases) … I’m talking about those teammates who are AFK or do nothing for the team or use onagers to kill the own team units (true story).
Do not come to me with ranking issues, you can perfectly implement a list of blocked players who cannot be in your team, you can put a limit to that list (maybe 10) so that it does not affect the competitive or the waiting times to find a match.
The only alternative that remains for me at the moment is to keep a list in excel with the players that I have “blocked” (that block button that is useless, because it does not affect me that they insult me ​​in the chat of a game) and close the game every time I am paired in a team with one of those players. What about the time penalty? I don’t care, I play a match of Fortnite, ClashRoyale, ArenaOfValor or whatever.

you don’t like to play with a players, so you ruin the game for 6 others

But in cases where those players grief their own team, wouldn’t the game already be ruined for the 6 others?

Isn’t there such a button at the scoreboard screen, next to their avatars? There should be a red exclamation mark and next to it a megaphone. First should be for reporting, the next is for blocking (though I think that only comes in the form of muting the player). Perhaps blocking could place those players in the opposite team instead, but maybe that can have unintended effects…