Boar lures, boars will stop following for no reason

Anyone who has played nomad knows that boar luring is a pivotal part of an good early game. However boar lures have become increasingly annoying (not sure if it was from this patch or from before) but the boars will lose aggro for no reason. Sometimes they would lose aggro after losing 1/5 of my villagers hp (loomed) sometimes when I’ve lost 3/5’s so I’m not exactly sure if it’s a distance thing. Also there are no objects blocking it’s path losing vision of my vill. It just stops following it for no reason, even though there’s a clear path. This has become increasing annoying considering you generally want to lure the boar with a full hp vill and losing 1/5 or 3/5 of your hp means you have to bring another vill to do it. Not to mention idle time wasted.

Hope devs can fix this issue because I’m getting increasingly tilted when I lose a lure for no random reason, after losing its lure 2 / 3 times in a row.


You are not the only one experiencing this issue, it has been reported a few times before. For example:

In the changelog of the anniversary patch, there is this note:

Fixed a rare issue where Boars could randomly stop chasing a unit after colliding with an obstruction.

So it seems they changed something. It might need further fine-tuning.

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This issue has gone ten time worse since november update. It was actually rare before it. now this can happen a few times a game.

Please just revert whatever changes were made to boar aggro in the nov update. It was so much better before it.

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You must just have stepped out of it’s LOS.

It happened to lot of us who play the game. It definitely is not related to LoS. I know boars will stop chasing if you get out of its LoS.

See this.

2 recordings of games where this happened, clearly with no regard to LOS:

here at timestamp 1:54 :

here at timestamp 4:12 next to my tc:
boar_aggro_bug_4_12.aoe2record - Google Drive

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hey so I took a look at the replay at around 420 ish? the boar stop following with very little health that does look weird. you were definitely in the boar’s LOS, unless it has something to do with the sharp turn your villager took, it should not have stopped imo.

@CuboidTitan6883 it is related to LOS for the most part. I can reproduce it and not have boar chase me 99.99% of the time when it comes to getting LOS of the boar. there are maybe other factors involved which @BubblyMango3400 shown in his rec file, to say not LOS and applies that to all factor could be wrong as we havent seen any other rec yet.

This is literally game breaking. In a map (nomad) where boar lures are the key to getting a good jump in your economy, I lost a boar lure which was stolen by the enemy. Seriously annoying af. Boars just stop following you for no damn reason, and then when you look back at your vill it’s like half a mile away from the boar so you gotta go all the way back to lure it again. Come on… such a dumb bug. Can’t DEVS do a small fix like increase the time it takes for the boar to return to it’s normal position? There are times where I catch the boar as its about to walk back, and other times when it’s already too far for my vill.

This thing still happens at patch 44834.0 . here is a recording:
boat_aggro_bug_at_4_14_above_tc.aoe2record (583.7 KB)

you can see the boar stops next to the straggler tree above the TC at 4:14. i did notice it and shot it again, but it shouldnt have stopped in the first place.

getting the same issue, so i baby sit my vils

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This keeps happening. Havent been solved.

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a guy on reddit posted a video of this happenning like 5 times with the same boar:

will this ever be fixed?


I have this problem aswell sometimes

Well does not seem like. It is in Harooos list of bugs (which is pinned to top). In the last official answer it does not even get mentioned (see here: List of unfixed bugs - #96 by GMEvangelos). The discussion under that is (at least what I was thinking) about vill shooting back at boar when vill is assinged to a different ressource

Just a short reminder that this bug still is not fixed. In the attached game, it happened to yellow at 5:23 and to purple three times in a row, beginning at 5:30.

MP Replay v101.101.46295.0 @2021.03.28 171635 (1).aoe2record (4.0 MB)

Yeah I constantly get this.

You have to look at your villager the whole time until he reaches the TC if you want it not to happen.

Still a bug in patch 46295.