Villager stops to attack boar after being sent to TC

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  • BUILD #: 41855.0
  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

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Here is the problem I’m experiencing…
I send a villager to lure the boar, after shooting the boar I task the villager to the TC, even including extra way points after the TC way point. If the boar attacks the villagers the villager stops mid way point, adds an extra way point to attack the boar and then proceeds to attack the boar. Sometimes this results in a villager dying if I don’t notice it.

I’ve just experimented a lot and found the conditions that make this happen 100% of the time. If I accidently take a villager to another resource (except wood) when trying to click back to the TC. The Villager will stop to attack the boar once the boar gets a hit on the villager. This will happen regardless of way points or distance to travel.
I assume that it is because the villager is considered to be doing a different task than hunting, so it stops to defend itself. But why then doesn’t it happen when tasked to wood or when hunting(i.e. not retasked).SP Replay v101.101.41855.0 @2020.11.01 001852.aoe2record (600.1 KB)

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100% of the time if instructions followed exactly

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Send villager to lure the boar
  2. Task villager to any resource except wood (gold berries stone all work)
  3. Send villager back to TC (or anywhere away from boar)
  4. Boar gets a hit on villager
  5. Villager stops to attack boar

Vill Boar Bug MP Replay v101.101.41855.0 @2020.10.31 210704 (1).aoe2record (3.4 MB) .

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