Boar randomly stops chasing villager

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • Build: 101.101.40220.0 5438859
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: Turin

:arrow_forward: ISSUE

Boar randomly stops chasing villager. Happened in single player.

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

I don’t know.

:arrow_forward: GAME FILES


If the villager only attacked once the boar will stop chasing the attacker after a while. You have to attack twice so the boar chases to kill, if even there it stopped chasing then it is a bug

You are living in the past man.

Also to add to my report. The game was on fast speed, maybe that is causing the bug.

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if a vill escapes a boars LOS then the boar gives up


The boar was 1 tile or less away from the villager.


it can look like that
lets c what others think

I appreciate your suggestion but could you check the replay file before making assumptions?

Also in the replay you can check that the boar always had vision of the villager even when it randomly stopped.

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This has happened to me this past week.

Can anyone confirm whether it is once or twice the villager needs to shoot the boar?
I know that it has been changed from the original 2 to 1 in this version of the game.
But I am wondering if it got changed back to 2 or the boar’s LOS has been shrunk?

It definitely seems like something has been changed since the first DE change…

I’ve looked at this quite a bit. To summarize the way things are currently supposed to work:

  1. A boar is aggro’d by one shot by a villiger (was 2 before DE).
  2. Boar remains aggro as long as villiger is within the LOS of GAIA (note, not just the pig. As long as some animal can see you. Even birds count).
  3. If you shoot once and immediately run, it is possible to leave the LOS and have the board immediately de-aggroed. Hera therefore still recommends 2 shots. In my experience that’s unecessary, it’s usually pretty obvious when the pig is walking away from you that it might not aggro properly, and I’d therefore say best practice is to start running about halfway between when you shoot, and when you would have taken the second shot (or after “one and a half” shots).
  4. For scouts you allegedly have to hit the boar twice. It was twice before DE and then it was once and then people started stealing 2 boars in one go so they made it twice again. Through extensive testing I’ve determined that this is incorrect though. I mean I’m like 90% sure not 100% sure. But the way it appears to have been implemented is that the boar has to HIT YOU twice in order to aggro. Which takes a few microseconds longer since the scout attacks faster than a pig. But not so long that you have to hit it 3 times.

So that’s how things should work at the moment. But certainly I’ve seen a few cases still where things don’t work that way.


That makes sense and would describe exactly the behavior that I have been experiencing recently in the game.

The only times the boar has stopped following the villager is when the boar is shot once, and the villager immediately is commanded to run away.

Tried to steal the same boar 5 different times and he wouldn’t follow until he hit my scout twice, but by that time, it was too late and my enemy got the boar back *facepalm.

Can confirm sometimes Boar bugs out. 1 tile away, even tapped twice it can just randomly happen. Should be taken a deeper look into


Yes I saw a stream where the boar bugged out 3 times in one game, boar was v close to vil and stopped for no reason.

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