Boars or elephants don't provide food after shooting

I’ve had this bug a couple of times, since the latest patch. Villager lures boar or elephant towards TC, group of villagers then kill the boar / elephant, but then there is no food to gather.

Did not see this yet, any idea how to reproduce it?

Are you sure, that you didn’t accidentally kill boar with TC? That would leave boar with no food similarly to killing with military units.

The funny thing is that a bug the team is aware of is that allegedely animals killed by military DO give food.


So animals give food when killed by military, but not when killed by villagers? That’s kinda twisted. Villagers need to cooperate with military this way :smiley: If player wants to use scout for scouting, then he needs to train militia to help villagers with animals.

I guess it’s what @FrogTantrum will have to try.

Drush his own animals :dagger:

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There’s a good chance this is down to user error on my part… Both times I saw the issue I garrisoned the villager which lured the boar/elephant into the TC while other villagers shot the boar, so I could have selected the TC by accident when targeting the boar along with the other villagers. I’ll see if I can re-create. What’s odd is that it’s a hunting approach I use all the time, but have only just started to see this happen.

I m 100% sure this is your fault since it hasnt occured to anyone else yet.

OK, have done some testing. In DE, killing a boar by using the TC still means it provides food, so it can’t be anything to do with garrisoning a villager. Interestingly this is different behaviour from HD - killing the boar using the TC is the same as a military kill (i.e. doesn’t provide food). It wasn’t down to my military, as this was dark age, and my scout was well away from the base. Have tried to load the replays to take a closer look, but they all end after 25 to 30 seconds (even though the games were much longer)… Still a mystery!


Indeed, however the fact a boar killed by TC or military still gives food is a bug the devs are going to remove. Welp, maybe with some luck your bug will happen to a dev and he will understand the deal better than we can.

Thanks CactusSteak2171, have had a few games without seeing the issue since, so will keep an eye out for it happening again.

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I can’t understand, why should killing boar by TC/military result in it not giving any food. I see no logical explanation for this. Certainly boar still has its meat on it when you kill it with sword in real life? So why should he magically lose his meat in game?

Shooting the wrong organ might release a bitter juice, like a Gallbladder in the animals which I heard is sort of bitter.

Welp, actual reason is for balance purpose, boar luring would be too easy if you could just garrison your villagers to hunt (the whole “shooting wrong organ thing” is a meh excuse I mean it’s the dam.n middle age, they ain’t no sniper/anatomist and they would salt the meat anyway)

I agree, that boar luring would be easier, but on the other hand losing all meat from boar is too tough of a punishment for accidentally shooting boar with TC.

Especially knowing, that game does not in any way tell player that shooting boar with TC ends with losing all meat from it. This punishment is both unintuitive and too tough.

In guess back in 1999 this mechanic was intuitive because most players had played AoE1, and there, predators would contain food. So basically when one scouted with a clubman he would get attacked by a lion/crocodile, he would kill it and then notice it decayed instantly.

Well… unless there is a strong reason, why animals killed by TC/military should lose all their food, I think, that this food-losing mechanic should be removed to make game more intuitive and fairer.
Losing all food from boar simply because of accidentally shooting it with TC is really harsh.

Also it makes perfect sense for villagers and military to cooperate in hunting. Shouldn’t matter who deals the killing blow.

They changed that when they did Age of Mythology where all units do cooperate (ie.buildings/soldier/even allied units assist against feral animals). I guess things will remain that way in AoE2 DE just like it did in AoEDE

Should animals killed by TC/military:

  • Keep food
  • Lose food

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