Bombard rework suggestions


Here is how I would like to see the great bombard reworked.

It needs accuracy, but that should be very high vs static targets like a wall, or castle.
It would have to aim, then with a small delay set the fuse to attack, so basically only units standing in place could be threatened by it, but small targets have a low accuracy threshold. and only receive a little splash damage from broken terrain.
For units to dodge it, needs a very slow turning radius, even the slowest units can out maneuver.
Needs a slow pack time and much slower movement speed.
Still must dominate buildings and be very high hp in this type of scenario is ok, because it is not good vs units, it must be protected by enemy and not easily taken out.
If under attack, should not be able to fire. essentially each torch or (if they change to melee damage) gives it a slight stun (range archer attacks would not)
If it is under repair, it should also not be able to fire. (this would be incredibly dangerous!)

I think these would help balance the unit and make it more realistic in how the weapon was used.


health and damage also need a nerf since people will spam so many of them. They are to good and need a heavy nerf

Here is my suggestion:

No speed buff other than its tech should apply to siege units. e.g yam network.

Increase pack/unpack time.

Drastically reduce its HP. 3 torches should destroy it.

Speed should be such that infantry can catch up.

Slightly reduce damage against buildings.


If so then Wonder win is a must for 4v4 teams.

The way I see it, Bombard should be very powerful for anti buildings, and them or trebs absolutely needed vs castles, wall towers and walls.

They should be tanky (3 hits would be way too weak, why? because they are expensive and will move slower) yet have disadvantages in its movement speed and targeting. also a slower reload time would be worthwhile. I think even as they unpack, it should then need its reload animation, the pack instant fire should not be possible. The super slow turn radius would make it almost impossible to target units (along with bad accuracy for small units)

I imagine them almost like moveable buildings, that should be tanky like castles and walls are, and then units can fight around them to control the battlefield. Ideally I would have liked units to have to operate these cannon, so once made, 4 pike, MAA or archers would have to hop on to use, then it could be attacked by attacking units (to slow it attack speed more) or killing the units, then using torches to kill completely.

I think they could also use a target ground ability. (to take out trees, but the trees stay on the ground so they can still be chopped, maybe take -10% wood) This could be done to clear trees, or protect a pass.

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What more is needed than archers being able to snipe siege?

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No matter in any era, cannons are easily destroyed except Heavy Gustav.

I think flaming arrows and handcannons are significantly better at killing siege than running after them with torches. At least it’s a lot less frustrating than watching your guys trip over each other as they stop to throw their torches…

Trebs are better designed than bombards. Long range. Slow firing rate. Can be dodged by units due to slow projectiles. Very vulnerable without an army around them. This means that there is a balancing act, you want to have trebs to siege defenses and buildings, but the more you build the less pop space there is for units that can actually fight an army. They are expensive compared to the bombard, given how much better the bombard is.

Slightly increase their building damage, and maintain their accuracy against buildings. Drastically increase their unit damage from near direct hits (very little AOE), and make them a bit inaccurate against units, so that they can’t easily snipe enemy units even if they are still, but they are also not so easy to dodge because they are not so predictable.

Trebs would be in a good place, and we wouldn’t need bombards


Agree with :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

this is a lot like what I am saying, Bombards, being tanky, but shorter range, have a fast fire shot, but turn slower than trebs, more damage to buildings but are slower/ closer for more vulnerability
And allow them to clear the narrow choke points of trees (still able to gather the destroyed trees though so no one clears entire forest)

everything needs a trade off. What would make the bombard good is that castles and walls should drop incredibly fast once the longer pack and reload time sets it. Where as trebs would be safer but take a lot longer. (and not have a tree clearing ability)

Also the population needs a increase for seige to limit the mass spamming is also a must as well.

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agreed! this is one of the easiest ways to nerf the unit. but I think behaviorally still needs some tweaks. These things turn on a dime to aim at units, and pack and move at the speed of infantry, and its a giant 2 ton metal cylinder… these were set up and not able to really aim with them at all, they were secured to the ground and staked in foundations so they did not blow themselves all over the place.

I would say bombards should be nerfed in the following ways
1- Decrease movement speed so infantry can catch up and destroy them
2- Slow down packing/set up speed for longer set up
3- Decrease firing speed slightly
4- Bombards should not be good against units, decrease their attack vs unit like 50%
5- Maybe weaken their building attack a little bit, as is building castles is a waste of time vs bombard armies, but if firing speed is slower that could make up for it

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They should directly erase Bombards from the game. Will be healthy for the game and us


The risk of late-game turtle fests makes me feel that their presence would be sorely missed.

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I think incorporating a slower turn rate would do the same amount or better vs anti units as decreasing the attack, and give the unit a character it deserves. if a cannon like that were to hit anyone it should pretty much instant kill that unit (maybe not elephants)

Castles should be buffed so that basically units could not torch them down, and trebs take a long time to take out (villagers easier to keep up with repair) so that bombards are needed.

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Trebs can take down buildings perfectly. And are not so absurbly OP as bombards, so I feel them kinda balanced.

So I wish Bombards dissappear. They makes the game looks more 1WW than some medieval game. And are op and not funny at all. Hate imperial because them.

And in addition are not historically accurate


Trebuchets are the worst siege unit in the game and the bombard and mangonel are the best, maybe one needs to be upgraded and the others slightly nerfed, aside from overall speed.

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agreed. Trebuchets are absolutely trash. They need a buff, mainly decrease cost and increase damage to buildings. Bombards need a nerf to movement speed and HP so they are easier to snipe. Chinese Bombards are annoying due to being so tanky, reload speed and increased range.

The issue with Chinese is that their 2nd dynasty buff to production allows them to have an insane boom and afford all those expensive techs. If the 2nd dynasty buff was nerfed, it would obviously hinder their bombard rush.

I think it is necessary to increase the cost of Bombard from 400w600g to 500w700g, and then reduce the siege bonus 340 to 280 or 300. that’s it.