Box select "smart" not so smart?

So “smart” just grabs everyone within the box, right? or am I missing something.
Not sure why that’s “smart”.

I prefer the box selecting only military, unless I hold shift, which then selects villagers (like AoE2).
Is there a way to do this?
Super frustrating…


Any way to do this?

If you select “mililtary” then you cannot EVER box villy. (really?) You have to double click the vills, and that selects all on the screen (smh).

There MUST be way to box both military and one time, and a few seconds later, vills at one time.

If not, hope this gets added to the “to do” list

Hotkeys to select only Villagers or Military would be awesome!

I recall reading that the feature is currently broken. Though I cannot find the post in question.

Feature is broken since at least the stress tedt, it hasnt been fixed

Thanks for the quick replies.
I recall this not working in the closed beta, as well as the stress test, so…yeah.
It’ll get fixed for sure, as this is a huge thing.

(Kinda surprised we didnt see a HUGE patch file after release…)

Actually, I just figured out that in Smart Mode, if you press Shift, you can Deselect any chosen type of units.

So for example, you can drag select all units around your TC, and then remove Villagers from the selection by clicking Shift. It’s a viable system after all, I love that units are clustered by type :slight_smile:

However, I still feel that having the old drag mode from Age 2, plus a hotkey to select only Villagers would be cool.

Yes, I figured that out too…its just that it’s 2 more steps…It’s ok for single player, but DEFINITELY too slow for multi and competitive play

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This is a known issue. Closing this topic since it is a duplicate.