Easy military drag select isn't a thing anymore?

Its a SHAME. 3 months since alpha and they DONT FIXED this. In fact, the game is exactly the same. No improvements

Is this on the roadmap of fixes?

They need to add easy drag. So annoying to play without it

The topics from the siege crew stuff have hundreds of likes, and this issue has 4 likes lol

Ha, this actually affects playability too. This is one of the most crucial things that I think needs fixed. Along with hotkeys, some hit box issues, and some gameplay related bugs.

Good evening.
My discussion is that is very important holding some shortcut functions that we used in AoE II DE. For example, in my opinion and experience, select between villagers and militia in the middle of a fight where the density of units is too high makes a notable difference

Age of Empires II_ Definitive Edition 03-11-2021 0_48_55 (2)
Age of Empires II_ Definitive Edition 03-11-2021 0_50_15 (2)
Age of Empires II_ Definitive Edition 03-11-2021 0_50_23 (2)

Please, up this topic because its a very important function that must to be in the game :frowning:


Feedback on this has been provided. The smart selection in the game doesnt work.

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Seems like devs don’t actually get what this function is supposed to be about.

When you drag selection box over the area with mixed villager\soldier presence it should ignore villagers\trade caravans if there at least 1 military unit in the box.

Currently it works weirdly: after enabling it you cannot drag and select villagers by box at all (even if there are no any soldiers within it). Devs, seriously, just go play aom or aoe 2 and see how it’s work there!


aeo3 too…
have a lot of ■■■■■ things missing in this game!

It is December 5, 2021. and I noticed this is still an issue. Is this in the patch cycle yet?

If I enable the option to select only militar units, the problem I found is how to select only villagers? in aoe 2 this is posible with alt key, but here alt is used to move the camera, does anyone know how to select only villagers in a mixed group of units?

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hmm, I just found it was mentioned also in this thread Enable only villagers/militia selection box
However any additioinal feedback is welcome

looking for the same answer, also how to move all military units at same time like in AoE3. Sometimes i “lose” some units on the map

There is a shortcut to select all military units in the map, you can use it to select and move all military units

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I don’t think the ‘smart’ selection works correctly, it’s supposed to exclude villagers if you have military in the selection box, but currently, it selects everything

But even if the smart selection doesn’t work properly, how do you select only villagers in that mode? I remember I was testing that setting and it only selected military units, not sure what option it was, probably something called only military or similar, and that was ok but when I tried to select a villager, I couldn’t

hm I think the easiest way is to have it on ‘Select everything’ and if you’ve selected any military in addition to villagers, just Ctl + Left Click on the Villager unit card. That will select only that unit group and de-select everything else.

Commenting to up-vote this issue. We want this fixed ASAP!! This is SUPER helpful. This is A MUST HAVE. Please!! Fix!!

We are aware and working on it; hopefully a fix coming soon.