Brazil Server in Ranked Matchmaking

This was already bad. Lag with current patch comes from something different. Source unknown to me.

It may be the case that they can’t fix the Brazilian server because of coronavirus there? Just a thought.

Totally unrelated to the issue for me.

Already talked with somebody else about this problem. Maybe the servers are located somewhere in the amazon area inaccessable.

I don’t know what’s going on, but before this patch I almost never used to disconnect myself from the game in-match (it was always someone else in team games dcing that was the problem).

Now all of a sudden I’m dcing like every other game. What on earth is going on? Why is this game so hard to get basic multiplayer right?

Can somebody please explain?

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For many months we already have the issue that games are played on Brasil server, while it was better to play them at another server. Therefore players notice lag at that server. This is still in the game and needs to be fixed. The latest patch introduced a new kind of lag and this is currently the main source of the lag and disconnections. See the following thread:

I do expect a hotfix for this issue. The devs have stated they are working on a hotfix for this new issue. So this lag and connection issues will be patched soon. For more info about this bug, have a look in the thread in the bug forum

I also hope they have a look at the algorithm behind picking the server, so we wont end up with too many game on Brasil that dont used to be played at Brasil server. I have no idea if the devs also look in this issue. Since it is already in the game for months, i dont think this has high priority.

There is a hotfix for the main lag issue. And the devs also said they look into the brasil issue.

Aknowledgement is a good start. I hope for a quick fix of the brazil server issue. Random Team ranked is really bad atm.

Just to mention it here for all of you having issues. Team is asking for help solving this in that thread. Check it out, you might be able to help them find the issue.

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playing again in that useless server. one guy of the other team DC’ed, then one of our team. then another.


3 games in a row, 3 with disconnection. I can’t play with my friends because devs have not taken any action against this bad and unnecesary server.

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got disconnected in a very good game.

I’m sending the logs and replay but I don’t expect any fix. In the beta I also sent logs with no answer.

best solution is to remove BR server from premises.

This shows that the devs are listening and try to fix the issue. I havent played TG today, but i think you wont play at Brazil server that much anymore.