hello everyone just a question from an aoe3 enthusiast with little historical knowledge of the era of the game. why is brazil not in the game yet do you think?
it is a large country and in my opinion comparable to mexico, but what do you think about this?


Well… Making new civs takes time and the devs must have a massive list of requested nations.
I really hope Brazil is the next one, in the same style as Mexico and the USA. I even made a pitch here on the forums.


I think it’s because of the global video game market, but I could be wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

This graph exemplifies it well, but it must be taken with a grain of salt because it is likely that they take mobile games into account.

In my opinion, I think Argentina, Brazil, and Gran Colombia are civs the game needs, but I don’t think we’ll get them any time soon. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Brazil is playable as a revolution and I’d prefer it stay that way.

The game takes place from about 1500-1900 so any reasonable civilization pick should be in existence in some form for at least half that time. Aztec, USA, and Mexico don’t even come close.

Aztec: pre-1500 to 1521 - 21 years
USA: 1775 to post 1900 - 125 years
Mexico: 1810 to post 1900 - 90 years
Brazil: 1822 to post 1900 - 78 years

For the vast majority of the game’s timeframe Brazil is indistinguishable from colonial Portugal. I’d rather they put their energy into making good revolutions instead of making these anachronistic civs.


The last post-colonial civs for AoE 3. No more!


We don’t have any maps or countries in the Middle East.
I hope the next dlc is Safavid Empire (Persia)


My heart desires more Latin American countries but I know that there are places who need more representation, like the Middle East or South East Asia.


I they are in the game as revolution civ

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I think it would be better to leave the Middle Eastern countries for last, this way we give the developers as much time as possible to design them in the best possible way.

Y? Mexico and the United States were also revolutions, it doesn’t change that they were added and they weren’t a bad idea.

You’re cruel but fair. XD

Given the recent issues, I don’t recommend asking for civs that need to be built from scratch, I don’t see a problem with them adding some variety with civs and maps from the middle east, but I would recommend waiting until the developers can recover from all the problems they’ve been having during this month.


What would be there UU ?

Brazil would be the most exciting addition in aoe3 history frankly. I hope it’s the next civ!


United states was a weird addition at the time. It wasn’t until Mexico was added that it fit in.


KarlosBR96 and I have been brainstorming ideas (although independently) for a Brazilian civ for quite some time now. I think that Brazilians would work nicely as a single civ DLC like US and Mexicans and we could leave Persians (and another middle eastern civ like Omani or Afghans) for a full expansion like “The African Royals” or “Knights of the Mediterranean”. The post below is my idea for a Brazilian civ, constructive criticism is welcomed.

New civilization brainstorming: Brasil - Age of Empires III: DE / III - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum


Yes, but my point is that they were and still are a good idea, they are civilizations that in my opinion make sense with the theme of the game, they were a bit weird at the beginning, but now I’m glad they added them, their creation helped to expand the possible civilizations.

I’m not sure I understand your comment, sorry if I’m misinterpreting it. :sweat_smile:

What would be there UU?
Money for developers and representation for the peoples of the American continent, as well as civilizations that somehow defeated the great empires of their time. (England, Spain, Portugal, France)

I want to make a proposal, instead of telling us which civilizations we are not interested in, let’s argue which ones we want and why it makes sense in the game, I don’t think it is valid to deny a civilization, because in the end we are not the ones who choose which civilizations will be added and in theory we are only a suggestion for those who really choose.

That being said, let’s also try not to stray too far from the original topic, the reason why they haven’t added Brazil yet may be because they are busy with other things, they may have plans to add other civilizations first, maybe something for the Middle East or for Oceania, but who knows.

Let’s try to enjoy the game while we wait. :slightly_smiling_face:


People who think civs like USA and Aztec make no sense must have been seething when they played the campaign in 2005.

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No one has a problem with Aztecs or USA being in the game. The problem is they don’t make sense as full civilizations. Americans in 1500 or the Aztec empire in 1800 are completely absurd and break the intended progression of the game. Campaigns set in the appropriate time periods are totally fine.

You should not be landing on the shores of the new world to start a colony as the Americans. You should start as British, Dutch, Swedish, etc, and then revolt to become America. Or in this case, start as Portuguese or Dutch and revolt to become Brazil.

For Aztecs, it’s the opposite issue. They just didn’t exist beyond the 1520s so there’s nothing to base their late game progression on. That’s how you end up with ridiculously powerful stone age warriors decked out in feathers taking on artillery and the need for fictional units like “captured mortars”. They’re still struggling to properly balance Aztecs due to the limitations of what units and technology they have to work with. Keeping Aztecs as a minor tribe and having the much longer lasting Mayans as the mesoamerican civ would have avoided all the issues of Aztec’s ridiculous units and difficulty in balancing.

Maybe the devs could add the option for the Aztecs to become the “Viceroyalty of New Spain” (III) and then revolt into Mexico (IV) (Something like Mexico → Yucatán → Maya /or/ French → Revolutionary France → Napoleonic Era)

Fertile Crescent is a map that is in the Middle East, and Anatolia can also be considered as a map in the region xD
And if we talk about civilizations with territory there, well, the Ottomans had possessions there.

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it’s currently only a revolution, historically the empire only existed for 60 years

Brasil’s empire is from 1822 to 1889. so the empire died into a republic together when the game ends.

no it still is, the gatling guns are overpowered ## ##### the game is better without it :wink: