Bring all AOE 1 Units Into AOE 2?

Just make them untrainable. Can only be trained in scenarios by use of trigger. It would be cool for scenarios set before the medieval ages. I would like to create a historic scenario based on the Battle of Thermopylae for example. I would need Hoplites to make that possible. We can even edit the stats of the units with triggers to our liking.

Or even scenarios about Rome and stuff. Far more players play AOE 2 than 1.


One or two units would be fine but all of them is just overkill.there are plenty of medieval units that are missing in the editor.


Yeah but those are not already made
The AoE1 units are finished, they just need to port them to AoE2

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Same goes for aoe3 units which would fit more with Aoe2 units.

Alredy people have made mods with aoe units so do we really need any more with the original game?

AoE3 units are completely in 3D and have a different art style, they are not as easy to port them since AoE3’s engine is not the same as AoE1 and 2
(The musketeer unit for example, was re-made for the event mod, it’s not a port)

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Aoe2 units are also 3d models just rendered in to 2d isometric view, it would not be that hard to render a aoe3 unit with the correct lighting and proportion’s.Its already done for the darma mod.

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Yeah but that’s nowhere near as easy as just porting the AoE1 units that are already rendered with the correct lighting and proportions

Since AoE1:DE hasn’t gotten much love from MS post-launch and might never(?), I wonder if all its units, buildings, and techs could just be brought into the AoE2:DE game so we could play those civs on AoE2:DE maps/engine in random maps; not just for modding

Since it’d be a balance can of worms to mix AoE1 civs with AoE2 civs in matches, I think just add the AoE1 stuff as a sectioned off area of AoE2:DE. Like, from Main Menu, click an “AoE1” button to access that content.

Probably not the greatest idea the world, but it would be neat, imo. Even an AoE1 expansion pack for AoE2:DE might work

Why would anyone buy this?

Why does anyone buy anything not related to sustenance, safety, transportation, medical or shelter? Why did you buy AoE 1, 2, 3, or 4? AoM? RoN? anything of any entertainment value, really?

You fail to see my are suggesting to add things from a game already being sold to another game as dlc.thats equal to buying a mod pack.

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Moreover, these games are quite different. Even if you were to bring it in with all your might somehow, you would not only have strong balancing problems but you would also make yourself historically ridiculous.

Many greetings from the other side.

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No, I saw your sarcastic, condescending, close-minded point and thought it ridiculous… so chose to superficially reply in a purely literal sense.

You need to buy and play AoE1:DE, and also observe the significant lack of updates for it, if you think having its civ assets playable in AoE2:DE wouldn’t provide any worthwhile entertainment value or long-term benefit. If I could one-stop-shop and have AoE1:DE civs in AoE2:DE, being able to play them on AoE2 maps with 400+ max pop, etc, I’d buy that. I know the Internet demands everything for free, though, and don’t like giving options for people – especially by way of …shudder… DLC – so don"t worry, I doubt it will ever be done by MS; as I’m sure they’re well aware of the inevitable backlash.

Maybe DLC should be renamed to “Don"t buy it if you don’t want it content (DBIIYDWIC)”. Maybe that would help stave off some of the knee-jerk sky-is-falling reactions to hearing the acronym “DLC” mentioned.

Did I say the games were the same? No. In fact, I said let’s keep the AoE1 stuff under a separate menu button due to the cross-contamination balance issues that would otherwise arise; which nobody would want to deal with. Thanks for the misguided snide comment anyways.

What does this even mean?

Don’t will happen, but thanks for the laugh, incredible what ideas few people have. There are instructions here on the forums how you can convert AOE 1 units yourself and add them additional to AOE 2, I’m telling you, if you want play like this you should start modding it yourself, because official it will not happen. AOE 1 is already left over.

Here you go:

Perhaps you should first rethink your language and read texts carefully before calling others condescending and stupid.
Have you ever played AoE1?
If so, it should be clear to you that this game is not easy to transfer 1-to-1.
I’d normally like to elaborate as well, but I’d have to know if I’m talking to an adult, decent human being first.

Oh I see,for a moment I thought your were a serious poster.well played troll.

Thanks, but I’ll pass. I don’t care enough about this to spend a bunch of time porting assets over. Sounds more like a job for devs who are already familiar with the engines and process and probably work on the games at least probably 8 hours a day as their day job… or a passionate modder.

Besides, passionate modders already did a bunch of work on AoE1 to AoE2 and stopped…

Looks like forum member, Amburio, from your link was part of that modding team. Cool


Sorry, I thought you were being mean for mean’s sake. Normally, such rhetorical and terse posts are meant that way. My apologies for misreading your intent

Or just add more content and improvements to DE1, I really hope they will add DLC’s to DE1.

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