Bring back the 1min System+ New red/yellow clock conditions pls

  • <1min No lose point+ at least one player red/yellow clock condition
  • No it is fine as it is now, no <1min system

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Hello, @GMEvangelos @Rinidinger
Currently in ladder matchmaking system iam facing of some player who have red clock and its unplayable litterally, before with the old system i leave the game before 1min, but now i cant , can you bring back this system but with one other condition like one of the players should have red or yellow clock to be able to drop the game like this no abuse.

For example : if at least one player in the current game is red/yellow clock (Lag) and its less than 1min you should be able to leave the game without losing a single point.


I will have a different suggestion to fix this issue:

I see you have replied to this thread as well.

I see some issues with your solution:

  1. I dont know if there is at least one red/yellow clock by a player during the lag. I didnt really notice the clock in my games.
  2. I won’t always happens into the first minute. Sometimes it is just only some minor lag in the first minute, but later on it becomes an issue.
  3. You can fake the lag and quit the game if you dont like the map. This is not really polite to the other player(s) into the game.

I have a better solution: Add back the ‘Save and Exit’ button. All players can agree to quit the game if something happen. It can even be used for bugged maps (you dont always notice this in the first minute).

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I like your idea , i didnt know it was possible before

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