Multiplayer is laggy in current patch

Game Version:

  • Build: Current
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: idk?


In the previous patch all was fine. No issues with lag. Everything was smooth. Now there is a new patch and is pretty much laggy. Units responds after seconds instead of instantly. Sometimes the game just freeze for some seconds. Since the game continues in the background, after the freezing it goes in fast forward modes to catch up. It is not really playable anymore. This happens since the 31th march patch. Clearly something is wrong in that patch.

Note: I only play 1v1. Benchmark is around 1220. Wi-Fi is fine.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Start a MP game (ranked)
  2. Start the game.
  3. Enjoy the lag


:heavy_check_mark: How to make a video of me playing the game?


Any respons from devs?

Well for example all ranked games are recorded and custom games that the host chooses to record are also recorded. You can find records in the saved games and replays section.

E: I have no idea however if your lag shows in a recording or not.

Games are all ranked (1v1). Lag is not noticeable in replays.

Load a screen capture software for example, I’ve never used one though.

I also have no experience with that kind of software.
Would be nice if devs respons with what they need and how i get the info they need.

I have the same issue since the last patch. The game gets extremely laggy and the units respond 3-10 seconds after i clicked them. My game almost freezes entirely too and then tries to cacht up and goes fast forward. I lost so many games because of that issue. But it only occurs in ranked 1vs1 not in Teamgames.


Try sign in to, go to [Matches] => [My match history], and check which server the laggy games were played on.

Lately 90%+ of my ranked team games were played on the brazil server (400ping), yet when I occasionally asked where the players are from, none of them told me they are from south america.

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It seems like it doesnt depend on the server location. I am not playing at Brazil.
Maybe it is because most of my games are on UK server and UK left EU? So they boycott players from EU?!

I was actually hosting a game earlier today and I had to rehost cause my first ping was 300, even when I specifically chose europe server. Second host got me to 118. So there must be something badly wrong with some of the servers if same continent is giving over 300.

Edit: and I waited a while for the ping to correct itself. Immediately when I rehosted, it was low.

Use Twitch Studio to make recordings or use the built in Xbox Companion broadcasting software by pressing Win + G

Gamer tag should be your xbox name
but if you didn’t link your xbox live account to steam then I guess you don’t have to mention it

Same problem here. Cant even play, its really frustrating.

same issue, but not on all games but a lot of. Checking aoe2net. It is server independent

I am also experiencing massive multiplayer lag in almost any of my games since 5 days now starting minute 1 in the game. Before I had no problems at all.

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Same lag, it starts when someone click to castle age that I can notice and the weird part is that 10% of time the games doesnt have lag, but 90% of them have lag.

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The lag is still as bad as ever. I tried a few games by creating a lobby with the AI. Seemed to be fine, I chose servers with a good ping (ujwest, westeurope, eastus). When playing with my friends in matchmaking, I had to quit in frustration after one game and watch my teammates in deep sadness.

Would be great if we could hear from developers or someone, just to get a feedback and not feel so lonely with our problem.


Is there any dev around? Seems like many players have this issue. So would be nice if you can look at this.

Devs needs more info? Please tell us the info you need, so we can send it to you.
Devs have somethings we can try? Kind of roadmap of solving ingame lag. If so: Please share this with us in this thread.

10 days in and no respons from devs is pretty bad, i have to say. Hopefully lag will be patched in the coming patch.


just any reaction of devs, aoe staff here would be would be highly appreciated


Got the same problem
Only in 1v1 since this patch, after castle age usually we both get 4-5 secs of lag, i check ping/cpu/fps during the game and they are ok.
Never happens in tg