Bringing the Arambai back to life, after it was nerfed to the ground


I think we all know that Burmese as a civ need buff, there were many suggstions here and there in all AOE2 forums, some suggested to give them 2nd archer armour, some suggested changing UTs, and others to give them new stuff.

But here, what I wanted to discuss is how the Arambai has become a useless units and a dead unit after the devs killed it and nerfed it to the ground.

Before I was really enjoy playing Buremse, they were from those civs who depend on their UU play with a unique style, like Mongols with Mangudai, Goths with Huskarl, Spanish with Conqs and Koreans with WW. They were fun! But this is not the case anymore!

What I wanted to say, is that Arambai clearly need a buff and need to be back to the menu.

Arambai cost is expensive, 60g, 75w for a unit became dead and die almost to anything now and this cost may need a buff which should be less. On the other hand I think they should may get bonus damage vs buildings and increase their speed and attack a little bit. Giving Burmese also the 2nd archer armour would be good which will buff Burmese and Arambai at the same time.

What do you think?

This is not going to be happened. The whole point of the previous nerf is to remove cav siege from the game which Arambai is one of these.

Yes and maybe its HP and cost


True. I think speed and cost buff is the most 2 things that Arambai need.

Yes given the fact that their weapon are even lighter than a light cav, I think it is reasonable to have higher speed


This will never going to happen, Burmese is the civ without the 2nd archer armor, balance them around this


Though Burmese needs some way to deal with archers, Arambai is designed as glass cannon.


it can still work, if they had bonus damage vs archers?

currently arambai does 10 damage to +2PA xbows in castle age, ie dies in 4 shots, only if the xbow has 0 PA does it die in 3

so if we give arambai +2 bonus vs archers, it kills xbows in 3 shots regardless. (even missed shots)

next up would be giving it +6 vs archers, in order to kill xbows in 2 shots (without armour)

in imperial FU arambai kill arbs in 4 shots. if E arambai had +3 vs archers, then they could kill arbs in 3 shots.

so possible give +2/3 bonus atk? its not a huge swing, but does definitely help in a number of situations

Arambai shouldn’t have a bonus damage vs archers at all, this is a terrible idea. Speed and cost buff would be enough.

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I don’t even think Arambai is that bad, you simply have to mass them a little before they become good. That’s only because of their mechanic of high damage-low accuracy projectiles.

If I had to buff Arambai, I’d probably buff their speed and then HP (they’re meant as a glass cannon, so a little hesitant to give them a lot of HP, though). Bonus damage will start feeling really weird with Manipur Cavalry, besides they still do fine vs Archers, the way Arambai mow Archer masses down as a group is hilarious.


Yes just like a direct hit of Onager shot 11

Repeating yourself 3 times without adding anything doesn’t make it more right

I’m happy with a buff to arambai either way, I’m just explaining how one method can work.

I don’t think speed is necessarily the right way to go, because it eliminates counterplay (in the same way mangudai were too fast, even if that wasn’t the root of their problem)

If their speed goes up, then I think their raw dps might(emphasis on maybe) have to come down(with possible bonus damage added)

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And they still fast. Mangudai base speed is 1.4, Arambai 1.3.

Buffing Arambai speed and cost is more than fine imo.

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Let them benefit Parthian tactics and access to Elephant Archers that benefit from all the Elephant bonuses and UTs that the civ normally gets.

Still lack thumb ring and 1 Pierce compared to FU ele archer but the manipur bonus vs archers can help with that.

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I think you now could just make arambai like 20 % cheaper or so.
It would still be quite hard to mass them because of the requirement for extra castles as production buildings.
I think the new design with less base atk reduces their ability to break through walls as fast which was reporterdly the reason why they were so hated by the Arena TG community.

BTW I would have liked if devs just accept that community and make if ever targeted nerfs to certain units. Like they could just have taken away the anti-building damage of war wagons instead of increasing the cost. Now War Wagons feel kinda useless in the midgame again.


I think so. Cost can be changed to 65w/65g.

You increased the gold which is already high and decreased the wood? Where is the advantage? 10w? This is so bad.

Same thing can be said about you and the bonus damage, though?

If not a speed/hp boost, then a cost decrease can be nice as well. They’re not as strong as Organ Guns or Conquistadors are, needing a mass to be effective, whereas Conquistadors are already effective from the first unit onwards.


Gold is not high imo. Also in Castle age, usually gold is not an issue. Can be kept 60 gold as usual. I’m just trying to be safe as no other UU in the game needed this much difficulty to balance.


You have the right to try to be safe and I agree with that, but the problem with Arambai that the unit got tons of nerfs without anything back. The unit now is worse than ever before. High cost, low speed, bad accuracy, less damage than before, high cost for the elite upgrade, low armour. The unit is literally a garbage.

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I will start for +5 HP for elite.