British Gurkhas from Church Tech or Age IV card

If Britain had access to Gurkhas It would add some more historical flavour to the civ and give them a different anti-infantry option for late game rather than relying on archaic Longbows.

Two main ways I see it working is replace the Age IV church tech for Rogers Rangers with something like “King George’s Gurkha Rifles” which grants a group of Gurkhas and unlocks them for the barracks and/or fort.

The other way is to simply make it a card itself could be called ‘Treaty of Sugauli’ Which was the end of the Anglo-Nepalese war in 1816 and soon the recruitment of Gurkhas by the British East India Company followed by the British army itself later.

This is just a rough idea in my head so feel free to suggest alterations or different ways it could be implemented.


Well, there is the church especial upgrade to get like 22 skirmishers for gold.
Also, I think I saw some Cree trackers for gold at the mercenary cards…

If you want to get a replacement for anti infantry, the British have the falconet, light artillery and rockets to beat them, if it’s for beating ranged cavalry, you could go with muskets or pikes, if the enemy isn’t careful you can beat them in melee.

Then again, the wood investment late game can be achieved easily by the 2 factories allowed to the British, 3 if you revolt to south Africa.

There are options, not sure the devs will use the time to add a card to show the British/colony relations even further (Especially considering the British were pretty much everywhere in the expansion of their empire)

This is a similar idea to one purposed a little while ago where each civ could get a card based on an alliance they had with another nation. Get a few unique units from the allies civ. Such as Brits and Ports long time friendship. I think it would be a good way to spruce up some dead/wasted cards

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