British late-game

So as you people might have noticed about the british is their strong early-game awful late-game. So assuming everyone agrees with the brits being weak late-game (dont try to disagree its the truth) so i think the options are either some sort of big buff to longbows incl animation and buffing rockets or giving them an skirm-type unit since if its an imp fight with any civ that has skirms its a loss for brits since its more or less impossible to beat dragoon skirm and art wall and an eco that can be even worse than others like germany. I just dont see any good late-game for brits, would love to see a revision on their late-game

(Don’t you dare mention the 13 cherokee shipment)

Main issue I see for brit late game on current Map pool is that I run out of wood pretty often when using Longbow. Other than that Most games are decided with canons in the late game and Longbow doesn’t play a big role

giving them a skirmisher would go too far and push them towards OP.

what the British need is a buff to their art, i would suggest giving them a card for falcons letting them train them faster and with buffs to say hp.

british lategame (treaty) is tier 2, obviously no where the level of sweden, france or ports but certainly not the worst in the game.

In my opinion, as a british treaty player, I would like to see a buff in the bĂ´nus for the long bowns vs heavy infantry. Since giving the british a skirm type seems op for some reason for a few people, making lb or granadiers a bit more usefull for fight heavy infantry like doppels, samurais and even caroleans would be nice.
Portugal is far more op in treaty since it has the best goons, musketter and caçador. Won’t hurt more balance for british.

honestly the difference in the dragoons means essentially 0, it isn’t impactful.

the real differences between brits and ports:

british got a way better economy than portugese

british got rockets as inf shipment, they also got charokee inf shipment

british got way better hussars (15/15 vs 40/40)

ports got the best skirmisher in the game

ports got extra range mortars

ports got faster training art (and upgrades to their HP)

giving brits a skirmisher would push them over the edge even if it had no special upgrades, the roster as is, is pretty good. brits also is better for natives than ports is due to their way better eco (and wood trade).

as for longbows? dont buff their anti infantry. like longbows aren’t meant to be good vs HI, that is the trade off you make for the extra range and higher DPM, longbows are way better against enemy dragoons and skirms than normal skirms are, the price for that is to not be as good vs HI.

now as for buffs to grenadiers? i wouldn’t mind that, that would make the unit more useable, just dont buff the anti building dmg- that is not what should happen to grenadiers.

In terms of small tweaks, I think maybe remove the speed penalty of the Thin Red Line Church tech which gives infantry 20% HP. It would give them the tankiest musks in the game and allow just a strong wall of units pushing forward. Or maybe reduce it to like -5%.

This would incentives them to get the church card which also provides guard skirms as a boost.

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yeah red thin line is a really awful card, 30 hp mean almost nothing while losing 1 speed is massive.

A merc card would br great too since some mu vs sweden or something will end in fights with mercs like fussiliers and how tf are britain supposed to fight a unit with nearly 150 everything, 600 hp and 6.25 speed, the same as spies and if your spies are 3-5 sec behind its very difficult to save your factorys and if you aint got spies its 6.25 speed vs 4 and longbows do be rather weak tho especially since there are very little options for wood late-game

I am not sure which part of the late-game you are talking about.

If it’s not like a treaty, Britain is a strong late-game civ as it can have many settlers faster than its opponents. we should need to understand the difference between the late-game I’m talking about and the late-game you’re talking about.

Brit is maybe one of the few civs that are perfectly designed…There is no way they change anything about brit because you don’t win before going out of wood, on any map it take at minima 40-50 minutes, on your side only.

You need to adapt your gameplay about the civ you choose or adapt the civ you choose about your gameplay.

Seriously, on this forum people always complain that civ doesn’t work the way they want, instead of changing civ . Sometimes it’s like people want all civs to be the same, good at everything.

German get a better eco in late game than brit ? Yeah maybe, but dude brit will get a better eco the first 30 minutes, and only if germany go 3tc and stay untouched, which never happen. Anyway 95% of the games don’t last that much…

I dont think brit late game is that bad.
However one idea could be to modify the Rogers rangers from the church card so it also enables brits to train them from the barracks while reducing the amount of them that you get from the church.

Late industrial to imperial so around 40 min

There are still civs like germany, inca and sweden who have a semi strong early, quite strong mid and really strong late-game

Tbh the only problem with Brit I see is that Musk huss is not a strong lategame composition, if so the best way is to see if there is anything we can add to the lategame british comp to allow them to counter or withstand skirm goon lategame.

Maybe we can make the grenade launcher card reduce gren pop to 1 for brit, allowing easier mass. Massed gren can be a devasting force if peru revolt is anything to go by

Use rockets to kill enemy infantry and train a large number of lb, a decent number of dragoons, and hussars. If you have almost reached 99 settlers, build a wall and get ready for a long last game The British’s last game is not weak. However, if the enemy is a country that is strong in late game such as Portugal, it may struggle. Please tell us which civilization you were defeated.

LB is one of the best archer units, and skirmishers cannot beat LB. They are more free from heavy Cannons attack because they have a range of 26. Combine Dragoons and Musketeers to eliminate enemy melee cavalry. If all the wood has fallen, use the factory to generate wood and make sure not to lose the LB. And use more Hussars and Musketeers. The outcome depends on how unimpeded your LB can attack.

longbows beat skirm goon head on, but that isnt the problem for the faction.

the problem for the faction is art, it just isn’t that good since no upgrades and no fast training.

Longbows feel strange to me because they are probably the strongest in skirm wars, but they don’t do as well in their own work, which is countering heavy inf. This has been discussed before because they (1) cannot hit-run (2) actually spent long time re-aiming new targets.

But that do not seem to be the real problem for their late game (which is actually not so bad imo). The real problem is that they don’t have many bonuses for the late game. However they already have a lot of bonuses coming in the early game so that actually compensates for that.

One minor change I’d like to see is to give them a way to acquire more skirms, either (1) make Rogers Rangers enable skirms, similar to the Ottoman Nizams tech (2) enable Jaeger training with a card or tech, similar to Swedes merc cards. Similar changes can be done for many civs.

BTW Thin Red Line is one of the few free church techs where the penalty really outweighs the benefits. It should really be changed (but it seems Brits don’t really need to send the church card).

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  1. Thin red line is not worth using at all. Perhaps looking at it, you seem to use many Musketeer. Rather, If you reach 3age, train more LB or Hussar. Dragoons may be a better option if they have a large number of melee cavalry.

  2. LB is not a control units. Leave them alone (Unless you have to retreat situation) and eliminate as much melee cavalry as they approach them so they can do their best.

  3. The LB’s multiplier is said to be lower than the skirmishers, but that means they forgot their damage is higher and their rate of fire is 1.5. If it is difficult to deal with enemy infantry with LB alone, consider using a Falconet to eliminate enemy infantry.

  4. It is better not to enter the last game, but even if you enter the last game, quickly train settlers to the limit with 3TC and build walls. You basically have more settlers than your enemies, so you can train them to the limit more easily.

Also seems like they ALL choose the same unit(s) to fire at so its like 5-10 shots overkill and with them taking 3 sec to re aim makes it really annoying to fire against a large group and even when you select who they shoot it still restarts the animation making it just such a waste of time

You’ll need to control them in smaller subgroups and manually pick targets for each of them, otherwise it would be a great waste of firepower, which is very annoying in late game.