Briton Rant

Its that time of the month again… I gotta rant about britons this time… they’re so painful in closed maps… even running as ethiopians with their nuke siege onagers, longbowman(especially, but arbs too) can snipe siege before they can do much… BBC are a joke since they die even faster. and nothing else comes close from ethiopia…

the archer meta is a thorn in my side in general, but the briton range just pushes it too far. when they reach critical mass its so annoying to deal with…

make siege ram. siege ram pretty much kills brits every single time


make like 15 siege rams. I beat Britons with 15 rams + skirm + arb

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Well ofc, non ram siege is useless against Brits on choke points. You’ve to use rams as meatshield


According to the combat simulator ( )
7 Elite War Elephants will defeat 50 Elite Longbowmen, at just over half the resource cost to make.

That’s with no hit and run. With perfect hit and run, and equalising the resource cost, 14 Elite War Elephants will defeat 50 Elite Longbowmen.

Provided the archers don’t micro.

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This i dont believe.


Those bad boys eat 200 shots, maybe with no thumb ring, It’s possible


Assuming the britons player doesn’t keep microing. Im not saying it would be easy. But 50 pop is a lot to throw away. Odds are you’d be mixing in halbs against persians anyway


Well that is irrelevant anyway, we’re talking about the sim fight. And there’s only so much room on the closed maps for Britons to micro


Very true. Either way. Not very realistic

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I just tried it in the scenario editor, with me controlling the archers, and the AI controlling the elephants. You can take out several of them before they even reach you, but they do become quite effective once they can hit you. You really need to micro the archers to keep hitting the lowest HP elephant, but by doing that I was able to kill all 14 with 37 archers still alive. However, that was starting at one end of the map and able to just continuously run away, the archers would do worse in a more restricted space.

the issue is the archers support whatever else is needed, you send eles… briton will burst the balloon animals with “free” pikes. you send rams, he’ll kill them with cav, and snipe anything that attacks the cav with the archers. nevermind that rams sometimes have the most retarded pathing in the world (the same stupid pathing as the infantry, just slower movement making the pathing seem worse, example: selecting all rams on the screen to go attack something, will cause the front rams to back track and regroup with the back rams before continuing on)

i know its possible to kill britons, its just hard annoying to face them literally every 2nd BF or more…

I can’t tell for bf but if you play other closed maps and you have a civ with good skirms, hussars and siege ram you have a great army composition against britons. You still need to survive until at least mid imp, though. If you generall don’t know how to kill Britons just pick Vietnamese on these maps and you’ll be in a great spot just because of rattan archers.

Actually, it’s very easy to counter longbowman and I always smile when I see a Britons player on BF thinking he is the Lord of war lmao


Tell us your secret!

Sure whatever man… I can also make outlandish blanket statements without any backing

While they are a great hard counter, i dont want to play the same faction all the time…

Yeah sure. But there are really enough civs in the game with good army compositions against britons like Khmer, Chinese, Byzantines, Persians, Saracens, Tartars, Incas, Mayans and Aztecs. Depending on the map, pick one of these and you should be fine.


Yes, you can. But, apparently, you will still don’t know how to counter longbowmen.