Browse mods page freezes game

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  • BUILD #: 40874
  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

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The game freezes when you navigate to the browse mods tab in the mod manager. About a second after the list of mods loads. I noticed this first happen after I attempted to search for a mod using the search bar. Since that time every time I go to browse mods the game freezes. I have tried restarting steam, verifiying the game cache, and reinstalling the game and none of these have worked.

I have some new information: There was a mod in my mods that was continuously downloading/unable to download. When I went and manually deleted that mod from the game files the browse mods page started working again.

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  • 100% of the time I have tried this about 15 times and have had the game freeze every time.

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. click the mods button
  2. click the browse mods tab
  3. wait for list to load

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Thank you for the report! Do you know what mod was causing the game to lock up? Do you have a link to its page, perchance, so it can be passed along to the team?

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention! :+1:

The mod that was not loading was 14335 Improved Extended Tooltips. I also noticed later that another mod 17281 [SE] Random Costs was having similar trouble updating but it didn’t crash the game. I did have to find it and unsubscribe/resubscribe for it to actually update.
This might hint at an issue with mods updating or they might just be isolated cases as you suggest.
Improved extended tooltips link:

[SE] Random Costs link:

Also related to this: If I have found an issue with the website mods page related to steam vs Microsoft accounts where do I report that?
(essentially if I subscribe to a mod with my Microsoft account it does not show up in my game and if I subscribe to a mod in game it does not show up on the website when I am logged in with my Microsoft account but it does if I log in with my steam account. The accounts are linked)