📌 [HOW TO] Find and share SAVE GAME and RECORDED GAME Files

One of the most valuable pieces of information you can provide when reporting an issue is a SAVE GAME or GAME RECORDING of the match or scenario where the issue occurred.

Doing so not only provides us with a clear timeline of the circumstances leading up to the problem you’re experience, but provides the unique opportunity for our Quality Assurance (QA) teams to analyze the file using their debugging software—which uncovers information about what happened during the match.

Here are some steps to help you provide these critical files!

:mag_right: Finding your Game File

Here’s how to find and share your save game or recorded game file:

  1. Launch Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.
  2. Click the ‘SINGLE PLAYER’ button on the title screen.
  3. Click the ‘LOAD GAME’ button.
  4. Click the Open Saved Games Folder button. This will automatically open an explorer menu.
  5. Find the file of the Replay or Save Game that highlights the issue.

:open_file_folder: File Extensions

Save games and recorded games will use the following file extensions:

Save Game .aoe2spgame
Game Recording .aoe2record

:outbox_tray: Sharing the File

If you’re unable to host the files here on the forum (as a new account), you can use a file hosting service to upload the file and share the link. Here are a few we recommend:

You can then right-click the file to generate a sharable access link, then you can include that link (and the file name) along with your bug report.

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Villagers can drop off resources at an unfinished unpacking Town Center [Empire Wars] [Nile Delta]
Modify Attribute (Attack) doesnt work on Buildings (Castles)
Game crashes to desktop if you have tech tree open when matchmaking finds a game
Splitting super unreliable
Extreme lag in team games after Imperial (post 42848 patch)
Create a game but no one sees it
Scenario "Player Choose Teams" bugged
Huskarl unit icon doesn't match the player color
Elite Steppe Lancer upgrade obstructed by Elite Battle Elephant in All Tech Mode
War Elephant Icon Hollowed
Black texture bug leads to crash (can reproduce everytime)
Looping an Inversed "Object Selected (Multiplayer)" does not have the desired effect
Quick Play map pool bug (new november big patch)
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Older replays Error
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MesoAmerican Trade Carts Make Horse Sounds when they should have villager voice sounds lol
AI building endless mines
Wrong civilization shown when restoring a multiplayer game
Sometimes a ranked game won't stablish connection right after a match
Restore function shows wrong civ for every non-ai player + inactive AI
Click-drag scolling gets stuck when trying to patrol/attack move
Freezing in multiplayer without hard crash, or direct disconnect. Cannot reenter queue without rebooting game
Villagers retain shift queue after being given a new task using TC waypoint
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Create Object randomly creates invisible Forage Bushes
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[MERGED] Late-game performance in team games deteriorated in anniversary patch (42848)
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