Bruh moment

bruhhhhhhh bruh bruhh. yes it is a complete sentence

21st Century achievement was needed for unlocking photon man cheat code. Does your mod help unlock it?

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This mod is exactly what you get if you unlock the achievement, so it’ll give you the skin regardless. Idr anything about photon man but I’ll look later

I unlocked all the skins without AoEDE on Steam just fine. If people have trouble with them, they should fill a bug report.

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The achievement needs Aoe1de though so maybe you only unlocked it from a bug

yeah man i’ve just had the bloody worst misread ever. This is an ‘I’m such an idiot’ moment. I’ll try find the Photon Man files though.

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The real “Bruh moment” was when u mistook the photon man cheat code reward with the legion skin reward lmao
all others seem to be working fine

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That’s why I’ve deleted everything lol

I just noticed this topic used to be this one lmao


it didn’t update in the other post and i first checked this topic through the main page ReimuDerp small

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I changed my mod to 'for those who can’t create a champion" as well :stuck_out_tongue:
This has also impacted my ego big time :frowning: