Buff for Portuguese

Insane is a bit too much, but clearly the gold bonus starts to kick in. Knights, crossbowman, siege, and monks are all gold units.

Overall they miss an identity, a go to strategy. But if you do this

They will be just a bit better thanks to the gold discount extension plus they will get a signature strategy: going for halabs + organ gun combo.

Im all for buffing porto but imo that cheaper tech is a very boring buff. Porto is already a boring civ besides being weak. If anything i would vote for things that might be more interesting (buffed UU for sure)

As examples :like the teutons got their armour buffs which were at least interesting. Viet at least have elephants to spice things up ven if most of their civ buffs are boring as well.

At the moment is there really anything that interesting about portos uniqueness or proposed buffs?

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Regarding the proposed buffs, I would say that an organ gun buff would push Portuguese towards a combo halabs+UUs, which is very unique, a Portuguese version of halabs+onagers

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Port Pikes have no Squires, so they are slower, and do much worse against raiding Cavalry because of it.

No, I do not want Ports to have Squires, but I also cannot say they have good Pikes.

They do, the Gold discount. It is even a strong bonus, it is just too small right now.

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Depends on how and where you want to see Portuguese after the buff. I personally want them to be a water map meta civ and a solid choice in hybrid map and suggested an wood bonus in early game.

or a strong military spike in early castle age

Agreed. Also there is no good eco to go for a particular unit combo. Halb+OG seems like the only go to option but not having squires really hurts. FU Arbs can be another option but there is no good meat shield in front of them.

This one can make their archer line above average in early game. But this would encourage tower rush which is everyone’s favorite - 11.

Saving gold is a good eco bonus.

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Not good enough imo.

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It is, specially when these civs are supposed to go for Gold intensive Imperial Age armies.

Some civs would kill for it.

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Just make all technologies affected by the gold discount.
Arquebus allowing Organ Guns to be Trained at the Siege Workshop would be good also.

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This + and organ gun buff would work. Even allowing them in the SW is a good buff. Portos will become way better, also with an unique combo halabs+OG.

They need a similar buff of their Italian cousins (UU buff + small early boost)… Let us hope in a balance patch… AoE1 will get one very soon

I would also Like to See caravel/e-caraval get +1/+2 Attack. Even though it barely elevates the civ as a whole it reduces the Point at which they become viable. IT would still be the Case that galley ist better vs few Ships caravel better vs masses but the masses dont have to be as big as they used to be now for caravel to become viable.


Just read the patch. Most of the civs got some brand new civ bonuses. I don’t think we will see same thing for AoE II but I can still hope for a new civ bonus for Portuguese other than increasing the gold discount to 20% and giving OG some buffs or giving access to squires.


Since certain people keep repeating certain ideas to create the illusion of consensus, I guess I should follow suit.
Giving Portuguese castle age Chemistry would be most fun. This could unlock HC but not BBC. The damage boost to crossbows would be noticeable but hardly as good as Ethiopians / Britons.

Also in my experience Portuguese are the civ which has the biggest need for a pop-efficient UU, because it’s really easy to use 100 pop space for Freitorias. I guess Organ Guns are already relatively pop efficient, but they’re hardly the most pop efficient units. Even mere Onagers are more pop efficient. A ‘buff’ which makes OG more pop efficient would be welcome.


If youre using 100 pop space as feitorias you’re either all inning and thr pop consumption doesn’t matter (though you would usually only have 1 or 2 in this case)., in super late game and thus getting free resources, or doing it wrong.

Feitorias are intended to be population inefficient because otherwise they would be overpowered


You can be in Imp with 50 vills & 5 feitorias when your opponent is in castle with 100 vills. (Especially on Arena. It’s not just on low levels, Viper also did it against a decent opponent.) I never said it’s a good strat. Having only 50 pop space for military really hurts.
I said that Portuguese would really benefit from a pop-efficient UU in this situation. Which you have said nothing to discredit.

PS: we really shouldn’t be going off topic like this.

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So, what is the current best proposals for this poor civ after the sotl video remembering us the low win rate?

the problem Portuguese have is getting to late game. i stand by buffing their mid game by giving them half cost univ and techs.

Fixing Ports is easy, just buff Gold discoount to 20%. It will help with M@A and Archer Rushes, and will translate into great Knights and Monks play in the Castle Age.

It would not have that great an impact on the Imperial Age, but it would fix Organ Guns cost-efficiency ratio.