Buff Gambesons Poll?

What if the Gambesons was buffed? Which would you pick in this poll?

  • Plus 2 pierce armor. More resilient against archers.
  • 1/1 armor. Plus 1 to melee armor. Buffed them in melee and vs ranged combat.
  • Plus 2/2 armor. Buffed in both. Extra 2 armor in each.
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I’ll pick the hidden fourth option:

Axe Gambesons entirely and make the extra pierce armour innate for Long Swordsmen and above.


Why is there no option to leave it as-is? The results get misconstructed by doing it this way, as it only accepts answers that are do want it to change, which I doubt reflects the majority opinion.


The third proposition made me laugh as how ridiculouly OP it looks


Useless poll. Not enough relevant options.


Why should it be buffed ? And up to +2/+1 armour would be massive, for an unit already quite good at what it is (notably a trashbuster), plus would unbalance civs with and without gambeson…

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Not far enough, give the militia line the base armour of the elite teutonic knight, pierce armour similar to rams, and auto-healing like berserks. Now it’s balanced :upside_down_face:

Nah, it also needs to cost half population and have the Monaspa’s gimmick.

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The problem is for civs like Malians and Goths who are meant to not have it for control reasons

So Romans… 20 characters

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Someone who unironically suggests +2/+2 armor cannot be someone with relevant experience in the game. We are talking of making Militia-line better than Serjeant, both stats- and cost-wise.

Gambesons is fine as it is. Knights and certain “too fast” civs like Mongols, perhaps Mayans need nerfs, Crossbow needs to be a bit more meta, and then the game will feel good again. Paradoxically, it’s the best time ever to be a Longsword, since we’re essentially in a Knights meta.

Give +2 Cav Armor alongside pierce armor

True, but Leaving it as is means Paladins defeat champions with equal resources.

Yea the poll leaves out 2 important options:

  • No change
  • Other buff to Milita Line

I recently made a Milita Buff poll (that included the no change option):
[poll] How should we fix the Militia Line?

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In this scenario Romans would be forgotten since they have a different unit line entirely

This. And since militia line would probably still underperform, gambesons could provide more HP, like bloodlines.

Legionary is a Champion with 5 more HP, 2/2 base armor. 1 less attack but with +4 vs infantry.

So whats the argument here?