Buff the Elite Conq

You’re joking about the stats, right? 20 attack on a unit with CA range and hp of sipahi CA? Plus heavy armored? How do you want to stop them? They would be worse balanced than mangudai.


The Range + HP is a bit concerning. But actually the high attack is nothing to really worry about.
Part of why conqs fall of in the lategame is the high attack which leads to a lot of overkill.

If you want to make it more viable in lategame you should reduce the reload time.

PS: I miss Phoenix. I don’t remember him being offensive at any time.


I would increase the RoF instead increasing attack.

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No, I’m not joking, mate

#1. Cavalry archers and Mangudai cost wood instead of food. So, If you make too many Conquistadors, it will affect your villager production.
#2. 6 range is pathetic in the Imperial age. It’s ok in the Castle age but you shouldn’t be getting outraged by Mangonels in the Imperial age.
#3. Mangudais are broken because of their high rate of fire and their anti-siege attack bonus. Conquistadors hit hard but fire slowly and inaccurately. The Mangudai has 95% accuracy and even has access to Thumbring.
#4. I’m not sure if you know this but Conquistadors are now classified as Cavalry archers… and they take more bonus damage from Skirmishers
#5. As for the HP of a Sipahi Cavalry archer, yes. It’s only another 10 HP. As for the armor, a civilization that has padded archer armor, leather archer armor, ring archer armor and partian tactics gets to 0+4/0+6. A fully upgraded Elite Conquistador would have 2+3/2+4. It’s 1 extra melee armor.
#6. Now, will the new Elite Conquistador be strong? Yup… especially in Late Imperial games… where the Spanish are supposed to shine. Will it be easy to mass early on? No.

True, rate of fire is a better way to buff. However, I would prefer a unit that fires slowly, hits harder. That’s what medieval muskets did. Extra HP because it takes extra bonus damage from Skirmishers now. 6 range is awful in the Imperial age… even Castle age mangonels and crossbowmen outrange them.

Please note: I am proposing these changes only for the Elite Conquistador.

Would be cooler but there’s a chance of making them too strong

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By the way, new Elite Janissary is far better than Elite conq. while conq is even worse than generic cav archer. Cav archer has 1 more range (16%), move faster (Cong = 1.3 and cav archer = 1.4), can destroy halberdiers with +6 bonus damage which is very important in late game.

Elite Janissary has +4 damage which is 28-40% more damage in 0-4 armor, 2 more range (33%) and cheaper. Conq has speed, PA and more hp but also very weak against halbs and skirmishers while Janissaries more resistant because has more range and don’t take bonus damage from halberdiers.

+5/+10 bonus damage against cavalries would be deserved buff.

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And this is pretty much needed. And I don’t think conqs should have high hp, too. They are supposed to deal a lot of damage, but be vulnerable in the exchange. They are supposed to work well in comp with the knight line. Giving them more range and HP makes them a better standalone unit and this could make them potentially op.

So I prefer them just being better in their job as ranged damage dealers, which can be achieved by a small buff in their attack rate.

Another tweak could be to align their speed with the speed of knights/palas. So grouping them is way easier to manage, as you don’t have to separate them every time you need to pull back.

I don’t think they need any damage bonus, as a group of 15-20 of them already one-shots basically everything.

18 damage is really low. Okay they kill almost everything with target fire but in late game, they must give high damage when patrolling as well. If your enemies are infantry or archer, target fire is totally useless. If its damage is 20, it will be decent unit at most. Jans has 22 damage and +2 more range but even jans is barely equal to generic arbalest. 100 hp and 20 damage isn’t OP but 6 range must remain. 7 range would be OP along these buffs.

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18 damage is quite a lot. Paladins fully upgraded have 18 attack.

Cav archers fully upgraded have 11 or 12 depending on civ or if it’s a UU. Yes conqs shoot slower but that’s compensated by the higher damage output considering Armor of the opponent. Conqs are much more mobile than Jannissaries so it’s fine Jannissaries have more range and attack.

Why not just decrease the firing rate to 2,9 to 2,4 (essentially the spanish fast firing bonus but truly applied)?


Compare arbalest vs cav archer with janissary or hand cannoneer vs conq. Arbalest has 1 more range and better frame delay but 1 less damage which is a lot for archers. Hand cannons has only 1 less damage (not important as arbalest vs cav situation) but has +10 infantry damage and Conq need elite upgrade as well. Conq is also unique unit therefore he need to be a little bit better than generic units. In this comparison, Conq’s only advantage is its high hp. In conclusion, elite conq is outright bad unit. In castle age, Conq is best unit in the game but in imperial age, they are worse than generic cav archer.

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That buff should do it.

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The faster firing is already applied. 3.45/1.18 = 2.92.

It’s not the same. Arbs develope from a feudal age massed unit while cav archers are massed in castle age earliest and are much more expensive.

I think the issue with conqs is that in castle they don’t need a meatshield but in imp they do and that makes them feel weaker.

And they are not necessarily worse than cav archers: against a paladin CA do 4 damage so it takes 45 shots to kill it. Conqs do 11 damage and kills in 17 shots.even considering fire rate that’s a big difference. Same with other high armor targets. I could agree to one more range or some more accuracy but not a buff of hp,range and attack at the same time.

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seriously people will necro anything these days

How are you supposed to even remotely afford that? These are two very expensive units, both using f/g, unless you mean team game, in which case, I guess sure.

Well, in the very lategame you can switch to hussars.

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Readily, by doing the damage with massed conqs early, maintaining numbers by using mobility to only take good fights, and then supplementing with knights once your numbers get up there.

It’s certainly not the easiest thing in the world given their restriction of a castle for production making it hard to boom while massing (dropping a castle really makes it hard to additionally get into TCs) but that’s what you’d want to be able to do.


Well that’s a situational case :slight_smile: That’s not something you’re guaranteed at all

For sure. I’m not saying this is the standard case, because clearly we’re not seeing it in action. I’m just saying that’s how you would afford it, being efficient with the Conqs, and reducing your turnover while keeping up the pressure.

If the Conq has trouble with doing that, it might be unnecessarily so, or it might be for good reason.

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I guess in that case you should be either just stalling the game or outright winning?