Buffs I want in the next patch

General Buff to the Elephant Archer to make them more usable.

The problem with Bengalis is that they are very heavily countered by Trash Units. If these bonuses do happen they might have the best Elephant Archers in the game but it’s power is locked behind their UT so it might be good. (Oh and I’m a Bengali so I want them to buff this CIV 11)

  • Elephant units resistance increased to 33% from 25%
  • Paik increases attack speed of Elephant Units and Ratha by 25%(previously 20%)
  • Give Thumb Ring and Take away Arbalester?

They seem good to me but Shrivamsha Riders seems a little underwhelming so a small buff to them to make them somewhat comparable to Castle Age Knights in the Imperial Age

  • +1P Armor on the Elite Shrivamsha Rider
  • +10 HP on Shrivamsha Riders and +20 HP on Elite

I haven’t played/faced them enough to recommend anything, but the general Ele Archer Buff might help them too.


the thread is only about buff/changes for new civs am i right?

in that regard, i would add that hindustanis seems very strong to me now, having top tier anti infantry tool (buffed AF hand cannons), top tier anty cavalry tool which is also a semi-power unit (imperial camel rider with faster attack and bonus vs building), AND now a top tier/possibly OP anty archer tool (ghulam being a huskarl in disguise and maybe even better in some regards) seems a tad too much on a top tier eco with one of the strongest eco bonus in the game.

I was focusing on Buffs on this thread but I do completely agree that the Hindustanis are a bit too powerful this patch. I just don’t want them to touch my Ghulam(I enjoy this unit). Nerfing anything else is fine by me if it would bring balance. I don’t know what to nerf them on, so I excluded them.

I second that. Hindustanis archery range should get a big nerf.

They already lost parthian tactics, there is nothing wrong with their archery range


tbh i think the ghulam could well be the point to nerf since cheap cost (75 res total iirc which is insane for infantry UU), 1.2 speed, decent damage, as high PA as a elitè eagle or serjeants, bonus damage vs archer and pass-trough damage, all in one unit feels a bit too much. at least imho


Its more expensive rhen an eagle, isnt very good against anything but archers, is gold intensivd and difficult to mass…


Ghulam is like a castle-produced eagle warrior. It is weak against cavalry and infantry. It will be manageable if their hand cannoneers get a small nerf. It’s just that Hindustanis have a good counter to pretty much everything.

my point is that they get all extremely good tool to heavily counter whatever the opponent is doing, and all those unit are not trash in other MU since imperial camel rider is still as good as ever, handcannons are stronger with 9 range and + armor, and ghulam is an eagle as you said, so perfect for raids potential as well

again, it is just i feeling i have, it’s surely to soon to know if they are too strong as a civ or not, but i struggle to see any weakness having also one of the best eco in the game

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But all those units comr with huge downsides. Specifically being only good at onr or two things and not nearly as well rounded as say archers or knights. They need thosd unitd to be very good because outside of whst they specialize in, they arent very good against anything else.


yeah but what are you actually throwing against hindustanis at this point? you go cav? they go top tier camels and win. you go archer? they have FU skirms until Ghulam and then Ghulam which is super strong and has raid potential on its own. you go infantry? they have the strongest hand cannons in the game. they also have almost FU cav archer, FU hussar, BBC with siege engeneer…all on top of crazy good eco.

even if you mix two gold units, they will always get a better trade because they have a better counter. it’s similar with byzantines that have cheaper counter units, but those are actual trash (spears and skirms) or not even FU (camels, halbs), so pretty much only good as counters. while Hindu have counters so strong that can finish you

i think that also Hera pointed out they might be nuts in this patch

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Point is tho. All that is very gold and tech heavy. Especially in imp. Whereas your opponents are fielding cheaper armies in general.

Im not saying rhey shouldn’t be nerfed im just saying your comparison is off base and ignores a multitude of factors. Ghulam may be “eagle like” but they still require a castle being onr of them.


how is this tech heavy? going camels is cheaper than going knights since they are cheaper, and also going ghulam is cheaper than teching into arbalest, and hand cannons even with UT are cheaper than teching into infantry, so i might be missing something here since it seems to me you are always going to come out on top, again especially considering you have one of the strongest eco in the game

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Because while a cav civ csn go cav + skirm to counter just about everything and not need a castle to produce much and follow the traditional gold + trash combo with hindustani you have ro tech into all 3 types of units which id both expendive and time consuming and all require gold.

yeah infact as i mentioned, it’s still to early for me to know exactly what should be done and if they actually are OP at the moment, i just struggle to see a weakness in their arsenal

You coild say rhe same for other civs. Magyars as an example.

but against cav + skirms you go camel + light cav, doubling down on the cav upgrades and saving resources and time unlike you opponent that needs more buildings and time and res to upgrade everything. then the opponent switch to pikes, and then you have options for totally countering that too (your own skirms, FU crossbows in castle, or CA switch to actually kill him…) even without top hand cannons.

i know, this is just a simulation of a possible scenario, but since you have basiclaly everything available, i actually would not know what unit or unit comp to go against hindustanis at the moment

except magyars have not an eco bonus at all, while hindu have the strongest or close to that. if they did not have cheaper villagers, then it would be completely fine i guess. it’s the combination of top eco with top military

Hindustanis feels like Incas with a great eco bonus, 3 units that can counter everything
They have the same problem that Incas, gold intensive units
2nd best camel of the game, best HC and the new Ghulam which seems great
I would focus in the other 3 civs before touching the new Indians for now

True magyars have no eco bonus but…they have a better top end too with paladins and better then fully upgraded heavy cav archers. Their scouts are also better. Like i said. Maybd they need nerfs but having answers to every potential alone means nothing.

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