Bug? Cannot see advanced military unit options (Stances, Formations, etc). Attack Move is only selection available

Like the title says; when I select military units, the advanced options for the units are not available. They’re just not there. I cannot set any formations, nor agressive/defensive/stand ground/ don’t attack, etc.

I’ve looked up and down the menus in the options as well.

The only thing I can think of is that I recently re-set my hotkeys, so I may have hit the hotkey to hide said menu, then removed the key that brings it back? Idk…




There should be a button for advanced options. In HD it was by the minimap. Check every button. You will find it.


I’ve pressed every button…

There was a button for that in AOE2 HD, but its not there in the AOE 2 DE anymore. You need to trigger the button by a hotkey or an editor event if i remember correctly to display the unit commands again.

That was it! I found a more detailed explanation on the steam community bug page, but yep! Thank You!

And this is where you are wrong since this was not even a bug…

And please stop spamming the same comment in every comment, this won’t make devs to notice you.

sorry … can you help me ? same situation happened to me … i am waiting your answer… thanks

any help guys ? i really wait for help… pls

did you find solution ?

Hi Ace Jupiter,
I also recently ran into this issue, button completely gone and nothing to click to get it back, the only workaround I found was an odd one, found here on the forums:

Go to create a scenario/map (the scenario map editor) and once in the map creation screen simply add a trigger for the effect “Use Advanced Buttons". Then click to “test” your scenario on the menu…magic, the advanced combat formation buttons come back.

ohh thank you. . please add me steam : Archonnnnn

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load this into:
C:\Users[your user name]\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\ [idiotic very high number] \resources_common\scenario
load the game, click Editor>Scenario Editor>Load Scenario


It definitely don’t add enough description on here took me a while to figure out how to get a buddy to help me. Here’s the real help for ppl that done deal with editor mode much. Can't do Army Formations? [FIXED] :: Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition General Discussions