**[BUG]** Enemy Buildings Return Invisible when not in LOS

While playing the first mission of the ‘Tamerlane’ campaign i noticed that some enemy buildings had disappeared from where previously i had seen them, and then when one of my units got close the building returned to the map. It also disappears from the minimap as my screenshots show

As you can see my ally’s scout reveals some walls of somewhere i have already been

The gate is no longer visible once it exited the scout’s LOS. It does not show on the minimap either.


I had the same issue, also in the Tamerlane camapaign. Did not spot in anywhere else, but will check when I get to play next time.

I’ve since spotted it in multiple different campaigns, I don’t think it’s campaign specific

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Not sure a 100% but I think it only happens when you share vision with an ally.
The buildings that your ally explores but not you can have this bug.
What you yourself explore remains visible always. I mean buildings not units.
For what I see in the screenshots it could be the case (the yellow light cav is from your ally)

Nah I have been throughout those buildings and destroyed red. This happens in most campaigns I play

Yes. You are correct. It happened to me again in the Dracula campaign.
Hopefully they’ll fix it in a patch soon.

I hated this bug in Dracula campaign. I’m not on PC rn but I’m pretty sure the campaign how you have to kill all your enemies the grey faction is meant to have a wonder. Idk

Got to love it when a pretty darn annoying bug doesn’t even get acknowledged

Maybe. Thing is the no death sound bug also happened to me and got patched relatively quickly.
I think the devs focus in game breaking/unplayable bugs atm. I mean just look at the amount of posts in the bugs section. This is annoying for sure but it is minor compared to other things.

I would give the devs time to patch it eventually. It is not the best way to release a game but at least they listen to the feedback.
As long as they show commitment to fix all the bugs I’m willing to give them the benefit of time.

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I just played this mission and I can confirm that this happens for me as well. Haven’t seen this in any other mission yet, but I haven’t really had much time to play AoE2 lately.

The city of Darstor in 3rd Dracula mission should have a wonder ya? Why else would the objectives tell you you can defeat enemies by destroying all TCs, Castles and wonders

I think I have an idea on why this bug is happening. I believe this might have to do with “Cartography” (or I guess Shared Vision as it’s called now), as in the bug seems to only occur when you have Allies with no shared vision but granted Shared Vision into the Scenario. At least that is the theory. I did some light testing and this seems to be the case.

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As stated this was an area I had ALREADY been in, and I didn’t want to wait for my troops to get up there for a screenshot

I know. I’m not trying to denounce you or anything, I’m trying to find out why this bug is happening.

In your example, from the first Tamerlame scenario, Yellow is an Ally, but you do not get vision until you find Yellow. As in your example, Yellow will scout the map, but anything that Yellow finds, does not stay appeared outside of Line of Sight and anything that you find but is outside of vision and comes into Yellow’s LoS becomes “erased”. The same situation happens in multiple scenarios.

I’m trying to make the case that the effect that grants shared vision with Allies is what is causing this bug. Either that or the effect that disables shared vision. This bug does not happen (Or I can’t recreate it) when you are granted shared vision upon start or with the standard Market unlock.

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But I was everywhere in reds base before yellow

On steam (havent tried microsoft store) when an ally scouts a part of the map i have already scouted in the campaign all the buildings and enemies in that area dissapears from the map and i have to rescout it, happens everytime

Yeah when I scout it and move away it still disappears

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For example in the first italian mission you have shared vision with your ally from the start, my ally scouted the enemy base and it was visible on the map for 5-10 minutes before it completely dissapeared from the map leaving just the ground (no trees or other resources or enemy buildings, just the ground) until i scouted again and once i dont have units there the vision i have of that area dissapears after 5-10 minutes

When playing singleplayer campaign maps with AI allies who share map vision, whenever a unit owned by the AI ceases to have vision of an enemy player’s building (either the unit moves on and the building leaves the unit’s FOV or the unit dies) it vanishes completely.

Video because explaining is hard

Thank you for reporting this.